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التاريخ عنوان المقالة
10/11/2011 FMIPA UII Lecturer Got LOREAL-UNESCO Fellowship 2011
10/11/2011 UII Rector Becomes Invited Speaker in International Conference on Islamic Leadership 2011
09/11/2011 Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Science UII to Cooperate with Zhejiang University
17/01/2011 UII Signs Cooperation with BMA, India
17/01/2011 UII Double Degree Cooperation with University of Gloucestershire
17/01/2011 UII Reach Cooperation Agreement with the University of Essex
14/01/2011 The signing of the MoU and MoA with HSF Germany
14/01/2011 UII Emphrasize an Integrated Curiculum With Islamic Values
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