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UII Reach Cooperation Agreement with the University of Essex E-mail
Monday, 17 January 2011

ImageOn Thursday, 17th June, the UII Rector, Prof Dr Edy Suandi Hamid and his entourage visited the University of Essex in Colchester, United Kingdom. The delegation was received by the Dean of International Development, Prof Martin Henson, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research and Enterprise, Prof Rob Massara. As a result of the visit, a partnership between the two universities was realized.

The cooperation agreement between UII and the University of Essex will take several forms. In addition to undergraduate programs, there are also several other possibilities under discussion, including cooperation study for a master degree and PhD, sabbatical leave, and a recharging program. With regards to the master program, Prof Henson spoke of partial scholarship opportunities, because the short program only lasts for one year.

In addition, both parties also discussed business cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship. This would take the form of a short course between the University of Essex’s School of Business and UII’s Faculty of Economics International Program. It was agreed that the Secretary of the UII International Program, Chairina Ayu Laksmi, and the Dean of the School of Business, Prof Jay Mitra, will meet at a later date to discuss this further.

With a total of 10,280 students in the year 2009/10, the University of Essex is smaller than UII. However, the university has a very strong international influence, with 3810 students coming from 127 countries outside the UK.

‘The University of Essex is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the UK’ said Prof Massara. He explained that the Economics department at the University of Essex is ranked third best in the United Kingdom. ‘In addition, the university was ranked 9th in the UK.  The research at the University of Essex was also considered world-leading by the Research Assessment Exercise in December 2008’, he said.

UII Rector Hamid also provided information on the latest developments at UII. Hamid said that the partnership marks a progression for UII, particularly in the context of internationalization. ‘It will provide many opportunities for the UII community, both lecturers and students, to develop their competence’, he explained.

Furthermore, Rector Hamid outlined his expectation that the UII academic community, particularly the leadership of the faculty, will follow up the results of the cooperation. ‘This is a good opportunity for the faculty to assist in the development of students’, he said.

One member of the UII delegation, Drs Akhsyim Afandi, MA, PhD, commented that the trip to England had achieved perfect results. He also highlighted the value for UII as a result of the cooperation agreement. ‘The number of dual degree programs increases, as do the partial scholarship opportunities, student and staff exchange programs, and we also gain other benefits’, he said.

The Memorandum of Agreement between the two parties has been prepared, and will soon be signed. The signing itself will take place at each university, with both being sent via post.

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