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Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Science UII to Cooperate with Zhejiang University E-mail
Wednesday, 09 November 2011

ImageFaculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Science, Islamic University of Indonesia  (FPSB UII) received a professional visit from University of Zhejiang China on Monday, November 7. Prof. Hora Tjitra (Associate Professor for Applied Psychology, Zhejiang University, China) was welcomed in the ‘GBPH Prabuningrat’, Rectorate Building by Vice Rector I Nandang Sutrisno, SH. LLM. M.Hum. Ph.D. “This meeting is in recognition of the cooperation that will be established between University of Zhejiang China and UII.” said Nandang Sutrisno.

In this meeting, several important figure in UII was present, some of them are: Vice Rector III Ir Bachnas, MSc., The Director of Marketing, Collaboration and Alumnae affairs (DPKA) Fitri Nugraheni, ST. MT. Ph.D., FPSB UII  Dean Sus Budiharto, S.Psi. M.Si. Psi., FPSB UII Vice Dean Indahria Sulistyarini, S.Psi. MA. Psi., Secretary of Psychology program, Mira Aliza Rachmawati,S.Psi. M.Psi., Head of Psychology Master program Retno Kumolohadi, S.Psi. M.Psi. Psi., Vice of Head of Psychology Master program Uly Gusniarti,S.Psi. M.Psi. Psi. and Head of Social Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology department , Sony Adrianto, S.Psi M.Si.

ImageThe meeting also discussed about future cooperation between UII and University of Zhejiang. In this opportunity, Vice Rector III Ir Bachnas, MSc. delivered special thanks and gratitude to Prof Hora Tjitra for visiting UII. “We do hope that this meeting is the first step ahead in establishing the cooperation and relationship between two organizations.” Ir Bachnas, MSc said.

According to him, this meeting and public lecture delivered by Prof. Hora Tjitra was a great opportunity to share and learn knowledge about the development of psychological studies and research.

In this occasion, Prof. Hora Tjitra said that he was pleased visiting Islamic University of Indonesia. He explained further that his visit was conducted since FPSB UII Social Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Department  Head, Sony Adrianto, S.Psi M.Si wanted to continue his study on Psychology Doctoral Program in University of Zhejiang, China. He also stated that Sony Adrianto, S.Psi M.Si will be the first doctoral students from Indonesia and will continue his study in Zhejiang University.

ImageAfter the meeting, Prof. Hora Tjitra delivered public lecturer with theme ‘Professionalism in Doing Business Internationally: Building the Global Competence for Asian Leaders’ which take place at Auditorium FPSB 3rd floor. In this occasion, Prof. Hora Tjitra explained further about his research on the leadership character of Chinese people, Singaporean, and Indonesian in terms of Psychological point of view.

Prof Hora is Associate Professor at Zhejiang University who conducted many research in psychology studies in over 20 countries in the world. Born and grow up in Indonesia, Prof Hora continued his study in Germany for fourteen years. Nowdays, he is concerning with cross-cultural studies.

In the end of his presentation, Prof. Hora gave an excellent message toward FPSB UII students. “Know who you are and where you want to be in the minds of others, be true to yourself wherever you go” he said.

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