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DPPAI UII Responds Religious Violence Issue E-mail
Wednesday, 29 February 2012

ImageOn Wednesday (02/29), Directorate of Islamic Education and Development (DPPAI), Islamic University of Indonesia, held Majelis Muzakarah (Discussion Meeting of Islamic Leader). Located at Moh Hatta building, UII main campus, this event featured speaker Drs. Yusdani, MAg. who is lecturer at Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIAI) as well as the member of Center of Islamic Study (PSI-UII). Also attending in this event were former UII Rector (1989, 1994-2002) and UII lecturers.

Drs. Yusdani, MAg, in his presentation upholding a theme ‘Menguak Akar Kekerasan Bernuansa Agama’ (Revealing the Root of ‘Religious Violence ’) mentioned that the phenomena of violence in the name of religion was caused by ‘religious corruption’. “There are five points that indicates ‘religious corruption’ phenomena, including moral rightness claims, blind loyalty to the religious leader, ambition to build an ideal civilization, using any available means to achieve a goal, and ‘holy war’.” He stated.

He also urged all parties to understand the religious radicalism and the religious violence by conducting a comprehensive and interdisciplinary study related with this issue. “UII as the Islamic higher education institution, have to show real contribution in investigating this issue. It is necessary to do research or study to provide real and valid for drafting fatwas.

This event will be hold again on August and November 2012.  “This event is aimed to respond the phenomena of violence done in the name of religion as well as to deliver real contribution by giving enlightenment to society regarding this issue.” As stated by Head of Islamic Education and Development Division.

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