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KAHAM UII Holds Students Panel Discussion E-mail
Sunday, 04 March 2012

ImageCommemorating the first anniversary of Advocacy and Human Right Clinic (KAHAM), Students Executive Organization UII on Saturday (03/03) held students panel discussion at Moh Hatta Building, UII Central Library. This event, upholding a theme ‘Upaya Membangkitkan Kesadaran Akan Hak Individu Mahasiswa’ (Attempt to Raise Student’s Awareness about their Rights) featured Director of Directorate of Talents, Interests, and Student Welfare and Legislative Student Organization Chairman, Herdika Oky Prasetya, as the speaker. Also participating in this discussion was the member of student organizations at UII including MAPAL UNISI, and others.

In his opening remarks, Drs. AF Junaedi, MAg urged the students to clearly understand their rights and obligations. “As we know that today, many people demand their right, while they always ignore their obligation. I am sure that UII students can take their duty as the first priority.” He added

Drs. AF Junaedi also delivered his appreciation of this event. However, he asked the students not to neglect their study. “Being an activist does not mean neglecting their study and getting a low grade.” He stressed out.

According to Herdika Oky Prasetya this event aimed to keep the fire alive through the Advocacy and Human Right Clinic (KAHAM) member and expected to deliver their real contribution to UII students and society. In this occasion, The Director of Advocacy and Human Right Clinic (KAHAM,) Yayan Sumaryono urged the member of KAHAM to always work professionally in keeping human rights in Indonesia.

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