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Scholarship Allocation for Private University Need Improvement E-mail
Friday, 16 March 2012

ImageThere will be a big opportunity for outstanding students from low-income family who are still studying at private universities to achive scholarship. This year, Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture will allocate 2.000-4.000 quota of Bidik Misi scholraship for private universities students.

In this case, private universities are pleased to welcome this DIKTI’s plan. However, private universities’s side suggested to increse the quota allocation of scholarship for private universities for every year. As told by chairman of Association of Indonesian Privates Univesities (APTISI) on Wednesday (3/14), Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, M.Ec., scholarship allocation for private universities need improvement in order to avoid discrimination between state universities and public universities in Indonesia by the authorities.

“However, the quota allocations seemed still insufficient to be distributed to 3.100 privates universities in Indonesia.” mentioned by Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, M.Ec., who is also Islamic University of Indonesia Rector.

He also urged the government to continually increase the allocation of Bidik Misi scholarship particularly for privates universities. According to him, there are several state universities in Indonesia received big allocations of Bidik Misi scholarship more than private universities. “Besides, there are also found outstanding and disadvataged students from private universities whoa are elligible to attain this scholarship.” He added.

Addresing the provision that Bidik misi scholarship program will be intended for best accredited study program, Prof Edy responded positively. He further ellaborated that this provision will encourage all of study program in university environment to increse their quality. Meanwhile, he suggested ministry of Education and Culture to hire lecturers (as a state government employee) for teaching at private universities.

In addition, his side supported DIKTI’s intervention concerning with private higher education institution. While, APTISI objected the DIKTI’s policy which forces the universities students to publish their academic work on scientific journals as a graduation requirement. “APTISI still insists on refusing to implement this new policy.” He emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Director of DIKTI, Djoko Santoso stressed out that this year, 2000 allocations are available for private universities students. However, his side still in doubt to increase the number Bidik Misi scholarship allocation for private universities. Though, it does not mean that goverment put priority on  states universities only. He mentioned that, DIKTI provided same scholarship fund of which Rp. 1,2 million each year for Bidik Misi recipient.

Furthermore, he who was the former of ITB’s rector said that, government has also offered grants for private universities to help private universities improving their education staff qualification such as by providing DIKTI research grants,and others. (jppn)

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