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APTISI to Nurture Young Entrepreneurs E-mail
Friday, 16 March 2012

ImageRector Islamic University of Indonesia who is also the Chairman of Association of Indonesian Private Universities (APTISI), Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, M.Ec, on Wednesday (3/14) officially induct  APTISI boards  region VIII-A Bali, of 2012-2016 period, at STIKOM campus Bali, Jl. Raya Puputan Renon No. 86 Denpasar. The new board of APTISI region VIII-A Bali, consist of Rector of Undiknas University, Prof. Gede Sri Darma, DBA., as the chairman, Dr. Shri IGN Arya Wedakarna as Secretary S.E., M.Si., Drs. Ketut Widia, BN.Stud., M.M. treasures. Also attending in this event, was Bali Governor, I Made Mangku Pastika.  

Bali governor, I Made Mangku Pastika in this occasion stated that, along with rapid globalization and the tight competition, the improvement of use of knowledge and new technology in every life aspect are absolutely needed. Moreover, the demand for professional human resources is increasing as well. Thus, Universities as institutions who nurture scholar and professionals are forced to anticipate this problem.

I Made Mangku Pastika added that there were more than 50.000 university students are registered at private universities at Bali. This fact indicated better economic condition in Bali. But on the other side, it also became dilemmatic problem that after they graduate, they have to think their own future. Hence, it is expected that APTISI can transmit entrepreneurship spirit to the students. Also held in this occasion was the declaration of Love Movement Product of Indonesia.

Chairman of APTISI, Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi, M.Ec., in his welcoming speech, delivered that higher education institution is an institution that cannot be separated from society and its surroundings. Hence, APTISI and its units should involve in giving enlightenment, vision, and solution of problems emerging in our society such as the large number of unemployment in our country. 

 “According to Central Bureau of Statistics report, on February 2011, that 8.12 million (6.8 percent) labor force were consisted of open unemployment who are not working and approximately 600 thousand (7.6 percent) were educated unemployment.” As uttered by Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid.

Moreover, Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, stated that the numbers of undergraduate in Indonesia which is increasing every year can be balanced by the availability of job opportunities. Without equipped by sufficient job field, surely it would cause the increasing numbers of educated unemployed people.

Still according to Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, educated unemployment phenomenons unemployment phenomenon arose not only because of the lack of employment opportunities, but also due to the meeting between job seeker and job provider that did not run smoothly.

Meanwhile, Prof. Gede Sri Darma stressed out APTISI’s commitment to establish and improve education quality, and nurture outstanding young entrepreneurs in Bali. APTISI Bali region supported APTISI agenda to produce one million young entrepreneurs in five years ahead. “We expect there will be a million young entrepreneursin Bali” uttered Prof. Gede Sri Darma.

According to Prof. Gede Sri Darma, there were several attempts to produce excellent graduates, including education quality improvement, character building, accreditation, scientific journal and publication, educational research and training, and also inter-agency cooperation and reliable information system.

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