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Pedagogical Training for Evaluating Learning Process E-mail
Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ImageAs one of the competencies that must be owned by a teacher or lecturer as stated on Article no.14 of 2005, pedagogic competence must be continuously developed. Thus, teachers are expected to be able to plan, implement, evaluate, and manage follow up evaluation of learning outcomes.

Universitas Islam Indonesia as Teaching University that prioritizes teaching-learning process of education takes a serious concern on lecturer’s pedagogical competence improvement. To attain the quality assurance improving lecturer’s pedagogical competence, it is essential to hold pedagogical training and development.

UII Rector, Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, M.Ec, emphasized the importance of pedagogical training which has direct effect on each student’s outcome and teacher’s ability. In this case, lecturers have responsibility to nurture competitive professional graduates with excellent soft skills. According to him, this training was aimed at evaluating the learning process of UII’s lecturers.

"In addition, this pedagogical training is conducted to update pedagogical patterns implemented by UII’s lecturers. Pedagogical patterns should be in line with the rapid progress in science and technology.” As told by UII Rector while opening Lecturer Pedagogical Competence Training (Batch III), Tuesday (17/4).

Located at Central Library building UII, this training organized by Board of Academic Development (BPA-UII) was attended by UII Vice Rector I Nandang Sutrisno, SH. L.LM. M. Hum. P.hD., UII Vice Rector II Dra. Neni Meidawati, M.Sc. Ak., Head of BPA, Dr. Ir. Sugini, MT.IAI and involved staff of BPA as well as 38 UII lecturers as training participants.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ir. Sugini, MT. IAI said that this pedagogical training batch 3 has been modified in accordance with the evaluation results of two previous similar activities. This there days training would cover some materials like introduction, methods, practical, and result presentation. "Hopefully, this event lasted well so that the objectives of this training can continue to be met." she said.

Dr. Ir. Sugini mentioned that the materials of this training are based on the content of three books entitled the third book entitled Desain Pembelajaran di Perguruan Tinggi; Course Outline dan Satuan Acara Perkuliahan’ ( Dr. Ir. Sugini, MT. IAI), ‘Strategi Pembelajaran Efektif; Implementasi Active Learning’ (Sri Haningsih), and ‘Standar Penilaian Pembelajaran’ (Drs. Nanang Nuryanta, M.Pd).

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