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Marching Band UII Dazzles on Cultural Carnival Parade E-mail
Monday, 23 April 2012

ImageMarching Band Universitas Islam Indonesia (MB-UII) delivered a dazzling performance on Cultural Carnival Parade on Sunday (4/22) after showing at Eksperia  Parade which was organized by Student Executive Board UII last month. People along the way were very enthusiastic as they enjoyed Marching Band UII’s Cultural Carnival Parade.

"The personnel of Marching Band UII are full of spirit performing in this event. Though we are very tired, the enthusiasm of spectators along the way is able to charge our spirit," as told by Rizki Annisa, personnel of MB UII.

This event seems very special and different since it involved 3000 participants from 92 different groups. According to Rizki Annisa, this parade was in 3 km in length and took 2,5 hours to pass

Alun-alun Jogja, Jogja Tronik, Taman Sari. Performing in this parade, Marching Band UII played several songs entitled Yogyakarta, Medley Java (Java traditional song such as Jaranan, Gundul-gundul pacul, Dondong opo salak), and I'll be there.

"Reaching the finish line at Alun-Alun Utara, Marching Band UII attains great appreciation from the spectator line” Rizki uttered.


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