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UII Students Teach Solbrige Students Pendet and Saman Dance in Korea E-mail
Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ImageThe performance of Pendet and Saman Dance by UII students in Solbridge International School of Business South Korea got great appreciation from Solbridge students. After enjoying the dance performance, some of Solbrige students were enthusiastic to learn Pendet and Saman Dance.

This dance performance was the one of series agenda of spring immersion program ‘Global Business Program in South Korea 2012’ involving regular program UII students from economics department, accounting department, industrial technology department and several lecturers at UII. In conjunction with this agenda, the delegation of UII led by Director of ERP Competence Center, Dra. Primanita, MBA, Ak and program coordinator Noor Endah Cahyawati, SE, MSi met Dean of International Affairs, Daniel S Lim, Phd and Vice President Solbridge International School of Business,  Youngwook Jun, Phd., on Monday (4/23).

The delegation also visited Hankook Tire. Established in 1941 Hankook Tire is the biggest automobile tire manufacturer with a sales volume ranking as seventh in international market. Visiting Hankook Tire, UII students got many knowledge and information about brief company profile, tire manufactures process, quality control, shipping process, and many others.

By joining this program, UII students also learned Korean culture and their rigorous work ethic. It was expected that this study visit would able to provoke students to think critically to deal with critical problem facing the Indonesia industry sector. In addition it was hoped that this program would be able to broaden student’s knowledge and sharpen their critical thinking as well as nurture Indonesian future leaders. Moreover, this program was an effort to maintain international relationship between two countries.

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