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Brajan Villagers to Obtain Success in this World and Hereafter. E-mail
Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ImageBrajan tourism village located at Sleman Regency which is popular with bamboo handicraft continues to make serious effort improving its nature recourses and human resources potential. Instead of gaining a success in this life, Brajan villagers also aim at obtaining a success here after. For this reason, Directorate of Research and Community Service (DPPM-UII) in collaboration with PT Jasa Raharja Yogyakarta organized religious training for Brajan local community on Wednesday (4/25).

Located at  Masjid Al Mustaghfirin Brajan Sleman , this event was attended by Head of Centre for Social Studies Research (PSH) Jaka Sriyana, SE., M.Sc., Ph.D, Head of Centre for Science and Technology Research  (PST) Setya Winarno, ST ., MT., Ph.D and DPPM staff as well as staff of PT Jasa Raharja Yogyakarta. Acting as the speaker in this event were Head of PT Jasa Raharja Yogyakarta Hj. Aeni Syamlawi, SE. MM and Head of Islamic Studies and Development Division (KDP) DPPAI UII, Drs. Zamroni, MSI.

In this occasion, Hj. Aeni Syamlawi, SE. MM. asked participants to maximize their tourism potential as the embodiment of our gratitude for God’s blessing. According to her, to deal with any obstacles in managing handicraft business, we must near to Allah SWT. “Thus, we would gain his help in every aspect of our lives.” She added.

Furthermore, she also highlighted many ways to attain success and prosperity in this life and hereafter. Quoting Qur`an Surah AlFurqan (25) : 53, Al `Ankabut (29) : 26, Al Baqarah (2) : 86 and Hadist, she encourage participants to always get close to ALLAH SWT by making up our attitude. “We have to be humble, tame our tamper, raise a good family, practice the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad. Moreover, prioritizing consumer satisfaction is also a key to attain success in our business.” She said.

Meanwhile, Drs. Zamroni, MSI explained further about the story of Luqman (Companions of the Prophet Musa AS). "There are some tips delivered by Luqman to his son for a guaranteed success in this world and hereafter, namely, piety, faith, desire, and tawakal" he said.

On the other hand, Brajan village’s chief, Lisman uttered his great appreciation for this religious training. He hoped that this activity would be regularly held. The collaboration between PT Jasa Raharja and DPPM UII has established real contribution to help Brajan village by providing money fund capital support, building gate, renovating mosque, conducting marketing management training, and delivering religious training.

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