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The Actualization of Islamic Leadership Role for Sub-Division Chief of UII E-mail
Thursday, 10 May 2012

ImageLeadership training at Universitas Islam Indonesia such as ESQ training, and many others was continually held aiming at revitalizing the role of Islamic leaders at UII. Therefore, leadership training for Sub-Division Chief of UII was intended to revitalize the leadership skill of the trainees.

The training on 'Building Islamic Leadership Mindset: Performance Improvement Strategies based on Islamic Values ' organized by the Directorate of Organization and Human Resources (OSDM) was officially opened by UII Rector Prof. Dr. H. Edy Suandi Hamid, MEc . After opening this training, Rector also acted as speaker along with Drs. H. Syafarudin Alwi, M. Si. Located at 2nd floor GKU Prof Sardjito Building, this training was also attended by Director of OSDM Ery Arifudin, SH, MH and his entourages as well as sub-division chief at UII as the participants.

According to Prof. Edy, this kind of Islamic leadership training should be organized continually since the leadership mandate is a dynamic process. "We really appreciate this activity as the upgrading program for the UII leader. Life is not a static thing but always dynamic.” He said.

In this occasion, Rector also explained his struggle to become UII Rector in two periods (2006-2010 and 2010-2014). He began his career including as lecturer at Faculty of Economics, Vice of Dean, and Head of the Laboratory. "To become an Islamic and Visionary leader, it is necessary to uphold commitment and hard work that use of physical or mental energy" he said.

The Characters of Islamic Leader

In his presentation on 'Implementation of Islamic Leadership Value at UII', Prof. Edy stated that success of an organization depends on the role of leaders. Therefore, there are several criteria that must be owned by Islamic leaders, especially for UII leaders. Leaders need to possess leadership skill like planning, organizing, and leading as well as self confident. “Leader must be able to take right decisions and dare to take risks because they responsible to bring the success in their organization" he emphasized.

ImageMeanwhile, Drs. H. Syafarudin Alwi, M. Si. who delivers his presentation on 'Effective Team Leadership ' highlighted several traits of Islamic leaders. "Effective leaders must inspire others and organize their entourages by communicating vision, mission and values ​​among the member of its organization to achieve their goal." he explained.

Similar with Rector’s statement, Drs. H. Syafarudin Alwi, M. Si. revealed that leaders would meet various challenges after deciding a particular policy. It is commonplace for those in leadership roles because leaders are required to drive change toward the better. "Today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today" He uttered, quoting word of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

From this reason, he suggested that leaders must hold a discussion and intensive interaction with their entourages. The objective of this discussion is to gather as many ideas and best solutions arising from the member of organization.

At the end of his presentation, he mentioned that good leaders have to show respect to others, appreciate the diversity and maintain the harmony at the workplace. In addition, they must be creative, innovative, intelligent, and active in finding opportunities to improve their organization’s performance. This one-day training lasted well. Also, the Directorate of OSDM UII is going to organize similar training for all staff at Universitas Islam Indonesia.

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