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DPPAI UII Organizes Workshop How to Determine Hijri Calendar E-mail
Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ImageSoon, Moslem community in Indonesia will welcome Ramadan, the fasting month. One of issue is how to determine the beginning and ending of Ramadan through Hijri calendar. This issue could stir debate among Moslem community even spark conflict. Thus, a tolerance attitude is needed.

Directorate of Islamic Education and Development (DPPAI) UII recently organized workshop Hisab and Rukyat How to Determine the Beginning and Ending of Ramadan 1434 H entitled “Hisab and Rukyat, understanding why there is difference” on Tuesday (25/6). The workshop held at Prof. Dr. Sardjito Building, UII main campus.

Ustadz Mutoha Arkanuddin, one of keynote speaker told that to determine the beginning of hijri calendar is related to an object called Hilal. “Basically, hilal is smallest crescent which arise after sun set or in astronomy it called as new moon”, he explained.

He added the government has certain criteria to determine hilal according to Indonesia Taqwin Standard, but others criteria also exist among Indonesia Moslem community. “The criteria based on hisab or rukyat, like as criteria rukyatul hilal which used by NU and hisab wujudul hilal which adopted by Muhammadiyah”, he emphasized.

Although the difference will implied to when Moslem can start a pray and fasting obligation, he advised that it should not be exaggerated. “We believe that difference is blessing not a source of conflict”, he stated.

While Director of DPPAI UII, dr. Agus Taufiqurrahman, M.Kes., Sp.S said that the workshop is a routine program organized by DPPAI. “UII as educational institution always tries to give useful information to society”, he said.

Similarly Rector UII, Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, M.Ec in his remark said that Indonesian Moslem community should be more tolerance regarding this issue. “It is not wise to force our opinion to other people, more importantly we should understand the rationality behind this difference so it will not spark conflict”, he advised. He also stated that Moslem community should avoid unnecessary conflict among themselves; instead they should focus on creating nation development.

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