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The Nippon Foundation Fellowship for Asian Public Intellectuals (API Fellowships Program) E-mail
Thursday, 21 August 2008
As Asia moves into the 21st century, it faces political, economic, and social challenges that transcend national boundaries. To meet these challenges, the region needs a new pool of intellectuals who are willing to be active in the public sphere and can articulate common concerns and propose creative solutions. Recognizing that opportunities for intellectual exchanges are currently limited by institutional, linguistic and cultural parameters, The Nippon Foundation, in cooperation with major academic institutions in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, has launchced the Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowships Program (API Fellowships Program).

What are the goals?
- To create and nurture a community of public intellectuals in the Asian region;
- To promote mutual learning among Asian public intellectuals; and
- To contribute to the growth of public spaces in which effective responses to regional needs can be generated.

In selecting Fellows, API Fellowships Program will favor projeects which address critical issues for the region, which use creative and multidisciplinary approaches, and which have some element of advocacy.

What are the themes?
- Changing Identities and their Social, Historical, and Cultural Contexts e.g. the use of historical memory in building regional and national identities; the construction of cultural majorities and minorities; the role of the media and the arts; the dynamics of cultural encounter; the performance of gender, religious, and class roles.

- Reflection on the Human Condition and the Search for Social Justice e.g. the distribution of political rights; economic and physical security; the management of social change; the marginalization of peripheral populations; human interaction with the environment.

- Globalization: Structures, Processes, and Alternatives e.g. the impact of economic integration on states and societies; human and capital migration; the changing role of borders; the meaning of self-reliance; the global marketing of culture; civil society in the era of globalization.

What commitments are there?
At the end of the project, you must attend the annual API Workshop and present your results by submitting the papers and other products. You should also disseminate the results of your project to a wider audience.

By completing your commitments, you will become a member of the API Community. You will be expected to participate in the activities of the Community, and will have the chance to apply for post fellowship programs.

Who can apply?
Anyone involved in the production and exchange of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration which fit with the goals of API Fellowships Program. This includes academics, researchers, media professionals, artists, writers, NGO workers, social workers, public servants and others who work for the betterment of society.

General eligibility requirements:

- Applicants must hold the nationality or proper resident status of one of the five participating countries and reside in the country at the time of application;
- Applicants must attend an interview at a designated date and place;
- Applicants must propose research and/or professional activities which start after July 1, 2009 and are completed by the end of July 2010 (Note: The fellowship period must be continuous.);
- Applicants must have a basic knowledge of English or a laungage(s) spoken in the country(ies) where the proposed research and/or activities are conducted; and
- Applicants must be based in the region/country and will continue to be so in the future.

API Senior Fellowships and API Fellowships?
The API Senior Fellowships are meant for those with an established track record as a public intellectual who is 40 or more as of August 31, 2008. The project may take from one to twelve months, and may visits in up to four API participating countries.

In addition to the general eligibility above, the applicants for the API Senior Fellowships must:

- Be 40 years of age or more as of August 31, 2008 (exceptions may be made);

- Have the ability and experience to conduct research projects and/or professional activities in the participating countries other than his/her native country or country of residence;

- Undertake the proposed research projects and/or professional activities in up to four of the participating countries, but in a country(ies) other than in the applicant's native country or country of residence;

- Undertake the proposed research projects and/or professional activities for a continuous period of between one to twelve months; and

- Have the ability, influence, and means to disseminate the results of their research projects and/or professional activities.

The API Fellowships are for those under 40 as of August 31, 2008. The project may take from four to twelve months, and may visits in one or two API participating countries.

In addition to the general eligibility above, the applicants for the API Fellowships must:

- Be under the age of 40 as of August 31, 2008 (exceptions may be made);

- Have the ability and desire to engage in research projects and/or professional activitites in the participating countries other than his/her native or country of residence;

- Undertake the proposed research projects and/or professional activities for a consecutive period of between four to twelve months; and

- Undertake the proposed research projects and/or professional activities in up to two of the participating countries, but in a country(ies) other than the applicant's native country or country of residernce.

What is the API Community?
The API Community is consisted of recipients of an API Fellowship, past and current, and everyone involved in the API Fellowships Program as selection members, program directors, and coordinators. This growing community now members more than 250 persons of varied backgrounds but shared commitment. Members meet at national and cross-country functions, as well as through informal networks and collaborative projects regionally and nationally.

What does API Fellowships Program provide?
- Stipend and housing allowance, only for the time you spend overseas on the project, the amount varies by country.

- International transportation cost, only one round trip.

- Domestic transportation allowance.

- Research allowance to cover computers, field expences, books, tranlation, etc.

- Travel insurance during the fellowship period.

Application materials
An application must include:

1. Application Form
Applicants from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines

2. A Cover Letter
With brief introduction of yourself and why you are applying for the API Fellowships Program.

3. A Curriculum Vitae
With details of your education, professional career, publications, and achievements. (Not more than three pages.)

4. Two Reference Letters
If these are not in English, you must provide an English translation. These letters should be addressed to the API Fellowships Program, and be written within three months before the deadline for submission.

5. Project Proposal
Please include the following points (in less than five pages):

- What is your project in more detail?
- Why do you want to do it?
- Why are you the right person to do this project? (mention relevant previous experience.)
- How are you going to do it? (methodology)
- What will be the outputs (research paper, video, performance, etc.) and how will you disseminate them?
- How does the project contribute to the goal of API?
- What are your past achievements and future plans as a public intellectual? (organization, advocacy, publication, etc.) How does the Fellowship help you?

Please submit the all above documents in one envelope addressed to the Partner Institution in your country.

Please note!
- You cannot apply for an API Fellowship for a project in your own country.
- You must type the application. We cannot process handwritten ones.
- If you make any misrepresentation, willful or otherwise, in the application and accompanying documents, it may cause for revocation of the Fellowship grant at any time.

How are API Fellows chosen?
In each participating country, there is a selection committee of established public intellectuals. This committee evaluates all the applications, invites a shortlist for interview, and sends its recommendations to an International Selection Committee which makes the final choice. There are maximum of six Fellowships for each country each year. The selection procedure is confidential.

What is timing?
- The deadline for application submission is August 31, 2008.
- Interviews will take place in September/October 2008.
- The results will be announced in February 2009.
- The project must be carried out between July 1, 2009 and July 31, 2010.

Follow-Up Grants (FUG) are designed to support projects of API Fellows who have completed their fellowship activities and to nurture a sense of community amongst API Fellows by encouraging collaborative projects. Grants are provided to projects that deal with current issues in the region and whose outcomes will bring about practical benefits to society at large.
- Encourage API Fellows to further develop and enrich their activities as public intellectuals in order to contribute to the betterment of society in Asia; and
- Identify individuals and organizations that have the potential of becoming extended members of the API Community and support their activities.

Note: Information for application Year 2009 will be announced in due time.

For Further Information please visit http://www.api-fellowships.org


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