Bridging Indonesia and Australia Cultural Differences through Discussion

Although the relationship between Australia-Indonesia government is quite close, it still needs to be supported by relationship between citizens of the two countries or people to people contact. Strengthening people to people relationship might bring positive impacts in various aspects. One of the efforts is through bridging the cultural differences between the two nations in order to bring the two citizens closer.

As said by Director of Directorate of Marketing, Cooperation and Alumni (DPKA) UII, Hangga Fathana, S.IP., B.Int.St., MA at an event “Cross Culture Discussion and Cooking Class: Indonesia-Australia Bound in Harmony”.

The event was held by AussieBanget Corner (ABC) UII and consisted of several agenda including Discussion Session, Cooking Demonstration of Indonesian and Australian Cuisine, as well as Music Performance. The event which attracted many visitors was held at the Parking Lot of Unishop UII on Saturday (28/04).

Attending the event were representatives from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Australian students in Yogyakarta under the auspices of the Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS), and the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA).

“UII as an educational institution is fully aware to engage in strengthening relations between Indonesia and Australia. We want to broaden the awareness of Indonesian society, especially the academic community to make connection with Australians in Indonesia “, he said.

He wants the ABC UII not only to symbolize Australian diplomacy at UII but also the symbol of UII academic community who wants to further learn about Australia. The discussion session was managed by UII students who had visited Australia, such as Bintar Mupiza (International Relations), Zulhazmi Luthfi (Environmental Engineering), and Egista Pregi (English Education).

Bintar said Australians are very friendly especially when in the mosque. “They really appreciate me when I spoke to them even though they are older. For those of you who want to go to Australia at least try to contact the PPI or UII Alumni to know the situation there. “He said.

Egis added that the living cost in Australia is quite expensive, due to currency differences. In addition, some people there still not comfortable with foreigners who wear the hijab, but it depends on the personality of each person.

UII Team Won International Search and Rescue Competition

UII students continue to achieve prestigious awards both in academic and non-academic fields. Recently, UII’s representative team won an award in “International University Search and Rescue Games” (IUSAR), held on 21 April-1 May 2018 at The Northern of Cyprus, Republic of Turkey. On this occasion, UII team won 3 awards from three categories such as 2nd Winner IUSAR Games 2018, Best Team Leader, and Best Orienteering games. IUSAR is a disaster relief and first aid competition for university students.

UII team consists of 7 members: Dwipa Rizki Utama, Balya Ibnu Mulkan, Akbar Haditya, Maulana Ihsan Fairi, Ibnu Ananda, Marsha Legita Kejora, and Farraz Nurdhina Kholida. During the contest, UII team must compete with 41 teams from other countries including Turkey and Cyprus itself. There are 5 categories of competition in this event such as moving the rock from position A to position B, disaster mitigation from cliff accident, disaster response from hard stage, first aid for motorcycle accident, and disaster response for collapsed building.

“UII become the only participant from Indonesia because we are the only university which ratified the understanding and agreement under the IUSAR Council. This event is aimed to increase youth awareness in disaster response and management. Most of participant come from South Asia and Africa,” said Dwipa Rizki Utama as chairman of UII Team.

He hopes through participation in these activities can encourage a culture of safety within the university. “We do hope that safety culture could be internalize in various activities around the campus, particularly outdoor activities. And hopefully we can share more knowledge and experience about the Search and Rescue field,” he said.

UII Student Won Best Diplomacy Award at EuroMUN 2018

UII student, Zul Hazmi Lutfi, won Best Diplomacy Award at the European Model United Nation (EuroMUN) 2018 event, held in Maastricht, Netherlands. Zul Hazmi become one of delegates in one of the most competitive MUN in Europe. The participant is strictly selected by the committee. This year, EuroMUN took the theme, “Shaping the Future from The Heart of Europe”.

During MUN’s activities, Zul had the opportunity to represent Myanmar in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR). The first topic of discussion is, “Expanding the scope and capacity of the 1951 refugee convention” and the second is “The evaluation of refugee camps”.

Zul Hazmi did not expect to bring such award when returning to Indonesia. “Really I did not expect it, because I am listed in a committee filled by prominent delegates. And certainly, I am very grateful because my effort to come a long way to Europe has become a success, “he said.

The total number of participants is 500 delegates. The Indonesian delegation come from various universities, such as Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Brawijaya, and Universitas Islam Indonesia, as well as other delegates from all parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Prior to his participation in EuroMUN, Zul Hazmi admitted he have to struggle in preparation. Especially when his class schedule was very tight. According to him, the atmosphere in the EuroMUN event is full of sportsmanship and collaborative. “All the delegations show sportsmanship and collaborative attitude in the trial simulation process, the event organizers also built a warm atmosphere with our delegates as well as the head of the session,” added Zul, who is also a student in FTSP UII.

When asked about the most memorable experience, Zul recalled when Rohingya crisis emerged as a topic of discussion. As a representative of Myanmar, he has to defend his country’s position and maintain the trust of his allies. Zul who is also part of the Board of Executive of UII MUN Association hopes that the association can get more attention and interest from UII students. According to him, UII MUN Association is an organization which encourage student’s ability to think critically and to express opinions in public.

“It is more than just going abroad, but more importantly is diplomacy soft skill capabilities that can be obtained in the MUN conference,” he concluded.