Bachelor of Education (Chemistry Education)

Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Ull’s Chemistry Education Bachelor’s Study Program has obtained B Accreditation from BAN-PT based on BAN-PT Decree No. 1491/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-SURV/S /V/2017. Ull’s Chemistry Education Study Program offers educational processes supported by complete facilities and experienced faculty. Ull’s Chemistry Education Study Program has an excellency, which is Application Based Learning implemented together with Islamic values. Thus, it is expected to educate future chemical educators who are not only smart but also noble in character.

The ultimate goal of Ull’s Chemistry Education Study Program is to educate students to become competent science teachers in secondary and undergraduate level education. The curriculum is structured to help students develop chemical knowledge and train students to become experts in teaching. Students are required to learn  general education, teaching professions and take courses as well as perform teaching practice to gain experiences and prepare themselves to become good chemistry teachers. For the sake of the development of research in the field of chemical education, the student must take courses on the development of the principles and methods of chemistry learning in schools, including the development of chemistry textbooks, experimental methods and curriculum. Ull’s Chemistry Education study program also provides courses such as Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Ull’s Chemistry Education Study Program has comprehensive laboratories: Chemistry Education Laboratory, Computation Laboratory, Chemical Laboratory (including Basic Chemical Laboratory, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory, Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, and Research Laboratory). The wide range of the laboratory is also supported by a quite complete collection of books (libraries). In addition, it is supported by Center for Essential Oil and Electroplating Studies.

Chemistry Education Study Program has UNISIS Tuition Center (LBB UNISIA). LBB UNISIA was established in August 2015. It provides tution services for elementary, junior high, senior high and vocational schools, providing support for all subjects. LBB UNISIA is a means for students to practice teaching skills in real conditions. In addition, LBB UNISIA is also a means to conduct researches to develop learning methods and media learning as well as entrepreneurship in the field of tuition services. Students of the Chemistry Education Study Program can learn about the management of guidance tuition center.

The Chemistry Education Study Program has more than 200 alumni spread across schools and companies. Where one of our alumni succeeded in becoming a science teacher in Thailand. Furthermore, by studying at UII Chemistry Education, you can develop skills to prepare yourself to work as a Chemistry teacher at Senior High Schools or International Schools, teachers at educational institutions, researchers in the field of education, educational consultants, creators of teaching materials, creators of educational-based applications, schools’ laboratory assistants, or work in the industry.

Registration & Selection
The New Student Admission (PMB) at Universitas Islam Indonesia for Undergraduate (S1) and Diploma (D3) Programs is held in four selection patterns, i.e.: Computer Based Test (CBT), Paper Based Test (PBT), Honors Student Appraisal (PSB), and Quran Hafiz Appraisal (PHA).
More information about the requirements and procedures of UII New Student Admission selection pattern is available at

The following requirement is specifically relevant to Applicants of International Program who register via the PSB and PHA selection patterns. They are required to submit their English proficiency test results, such as CEPT from CILACS UII (minimum score of 475), TOEFL®ITP (470), TOEFL iBT (52), or IELTS (5.5).

When you are applying to Universitas Islam Indonesia as an international student, you will need to satisfy the entry requirements for undergraduate (bachelor/diploma) admission. Read the requirements by downloading information provided from the link available below.

The Country Specific Undergraduate Entry Requirements information will help to clarify your eligibility to apply, based on the country where you finished your high school studies.

The estimated cost of tuition and fees for Undergraduate (S1) and Diploma (D3) programs for UII New Student Admission for the Academic Year of 2022/2023 can be downloaded through the link available on this page.

The table of estimated cost of tuition and fees contains information regarding the estimated cost components with the following notes:

  1. The estimated minimum cost is calculated based on the lowest value of the Catur Dharma Fee in the related study program, and added with the Tuition (Sumbangan Pembinaan Pendidikan/SPP) value in the relevant study program.
  2. The estimated maximum cost is calculated based on the highest value of the Catur Dharma Fee in the related study program, and added with the Tuition (Sumbangan Pembinaan Pendidikan/SPP) value in the relevant study program.
  3. The Catur Dharma Amount appears on the table shall not be applicable to applicants who applied through the Independent PBT selection pattern.
  4. Study Term Prediction for Non-exact and Exact Sciences are respectively 3.5 and 4 years.
  5. Tuition (SPP) is payable annually in 4 installments.
  6. For Undergraduate Study Programs (S1), the estimated tuition fees do not include fees for KKN (student community service), Undergraduate Thesis, and Thesis Defense.
  7. For Diploma Study Programs (D3), the estimated tuition fees do not include Fees for Diploma Thesis, Diploma Thesis Defense, and Professional Placement (PKL) Report Presentation.
  8. Specifically for Medical Education Undergraduate (S1) Study Program, the estimated tuition fees do not include fees for KKN (student community service), Undergraduate Thesis, Thesis Defense, and Clinical Education Stage Costs.

Rates for KKN, Diploma Thesis, Undergraduate Thesis, Thesis Defense, and PKL Report Presentation will be calculated in accordance with the rates set in the year of implementation.

Universitas Islam Indonesia offers joint degree and/or student exchange for bachelor degree program in collaboration with our outstanding partner universities.

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Disclaimer: This information is valid for the Academic Year of 2022/2023 and is subject to change depending on the policies in Universitas Islam Indonesia

Academic Degree
S.Pd. – Sarjana (S1)
Duration of Study
8 Semester (estimated full-time study)
Campus Location
Zanzawi Soejoeti Building,
Main Campus
Jl. Kaliurang km. 14,5 Sleman
Yogyakarta 55584
National Accreditation:
❯  Baik Sekali (BAN-PT)
International Accreditation :
❯  ASIIN: The Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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