Master of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning

Master of Civil Engineering Study Program of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (PSTS-PM FTSP) is established to answer the emerging global challenges. Globalization era enables foreign workers to join Indonesian workplaces, therefore there is a need to produce qualified local workers. This situation gives opportunities for the education world to participate actively in providing opportunities in the world of work (executive and professional) preparing to compete with the foreign workers.

Appropriate technologies and efficiencies on physical development as facilities and infrastructures on the economic development in Indonesia needs qualified technicians. Moreover, PSTS-PM FTSP UII responds to the increasing community demand for academics and professional workers in the field of constructions, disaster mitigations, and transportations.

Career prospects for PSTS-PM FTSP UII graduates are wide open in various fields and related agencies or companies, including at the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Kemen PUPR), Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA), Cipta Karya Service, Bina Marga Service , Central/Regional Government Civil Servants, Lecturers, Engineering Vocational School Teachers, Contractors, Planning Consultants, Supervisory Consultants, Entrepreneurs in the Property Sector, and other fields of work.

Our graduates will be able to work in the following career choices:

Structural Engineer

Professionals who are able to design, perform calculations, create drawings and specifications, review the work of other engineers, write reports and evaluations, and observe construction sites.

Supervision Engineer

Professionals who are able to overseeing operations in the engineering department, to ensure all operations meet budget needs, project goals, specifications, and regulatory guidelines,  and to oversee validation, parts procurement and management, calibration, permit maintenance, and engineering operating standards, among others.

Project Manager

The Project Manager in general is the person appointed to drive the management process that leads to a project management strategy where the main objective is to achieve project objectives.

Project Surveyor

Project surveyors typically perform many of the more technically complex surveying tasks involved in a project, such as plane and geodetic surveys for control, right-of-way, topographic, and construction projects, in addition to their administrative duties. Project surveyors coordinate various engineering tasks on some job sites. This often entails directing the layout of the project’s construction work, compiling field survey data, and assisting in the planning and scheduling of meetings with contractors, project managers, and on-site engineers.

Lecturer / Engineering Teacher

Civil Engineering Lecturer is someone whose job is to educate and teach in the field of Civil Engineering

Planning Consultan

The Planning Consultant is the party appointed by the assignor or the client who will later carry out the planning project work in this case the building. Planning consultants can be individuals or business entities, both private and government

Consultan Supervisor

The supervising consultant is a business entity or individual where they will be appointed by the project owner or a contractor to supervise the construction process that is being carried out.


Enterpreuner in the housing sector

Pegawai Negeri Sipil / Pegawai Dinas

Civil Servants are Indonesian citizens who fulfill certain requirements, are appointed as State Civil Apparatus Employees (ASN) on a permanent basis by staffing supervisors to occupy government positions.

Completing the enrollment and selection fee payment of Rp500,000 via Bank Transfer to the Bank Mandiri Syariah Account of Master of Civil Engineering of UII Number: 7333222277 and submitting the payment receipt to the Secretariat of PSTS-PM FTSP UII directly or via fax: (0274) 896441 or email:

Procedure of enrollment:

  1. Completing the enrollment form manually, prioritizing the online form downloaded from
  2. Attaching required documents as follows:
  3. Two sheets of legalized copy of diploma of bachelor degree;
  4. Two sheets of legalized copy of academic transcript of bachelor degree;
  5. A CV with a 4×6 sized profile photo;
  6. Two sheets of the most recent 4×6 sized and 3×4 sized passport photos;
  7. A copy of Identity Card (KTP) and Family Card (KK);
  8. A copy of Birth Certificate;
  9. Civil servants must submit a permission letter from the work place institutions.
  10. Recommendation letters from an undergraduate thesis supervisor and or a supervisor at the work place.
  11. Copies of attained awards and achievements certificates.

Patterns of selection:

Participating in the Academic Potential Test (TPA), English Proficiency Test in Cilacs UII (CEPT), and interview conducted by PSTS-PM FTSP UII following the specified schedule.

Specific Patterns of Selection:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the selection is conducted online based on the Grade Point Average (IPK) of bachelor degree, the accreditation of the origin University and Study Program, and online English Proficiency Test.

Concentration based Tuition Fee


Tuition Fee

Construction Management (MK) Rp9,000,000 per semester

Total fee of Rp36,000,000 (thirty six million rupiahs) for four semesters (normal study package of four semesters or two years).

Earthquake Engineering Management (MRK)
Transportation Planning & Engineering (PTT)

*) The fee exclude the practical/field/laboratory lectures, study extension, thesis defense, and graduation

Maximum study extension of 4 years.

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) encourages its academic/non-academic staffs and students to participate in the international mobility activities. UII has partnered with more than 100 institutions in more than 10 countries. Thus, UII has provided access for opportunities to gain international experiences in order to expand knowledge and develop career at the international level.

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Disclaimer: This information is valid for the Academic Year of 2022/2023 and is subject to change depending on the policies in Universitas Islam Indonesia

Academic Degree
M.T. – Master (S2)
Duration of Study
4 semesters (estimated full-time study)
Campus Location
Mohammad Natsir Building
Main Campus
Jl. Kaliurang KM 14.5 Sleman Yogyakarta
National Accreditation:
❯  B
International Accreditation :
❯  –

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