The First National University
in Indonesia

When you join Universitas Islam Indonesia,
you will find a unique learning experience that combines cutting-edge science in a wide range courses with the implementation of Islamic values to develop good ethical conduct, integrity, and maximize your utmost potential. Get a degree across the broadest possible range of disciplines offered at UII. It is time to pursue your dreams.

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Everyday at Universitas Islam Indonesia, you will find an extensive study space to deepen your knowledge, develop your skills, and fostering new ideas. Gain a full learning experience while studying at UII. You may also choose various degree programs at UII which taught entirely in Bahasa Indonesia, or a specific degree offered at the International Program.

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Study at
International Program UII

Some courses offer international programs that use English and/or Arabic as the language of instruction. Find a course that suits your interests.

Improve your
Indonesian language skills

If you want to study in regular program, you must have a fluent Indonesian language. UII provides BIPA program to help you improve your language skills.

Life at UII Campus

Daily life at UII is colored with various activities designed to strengthen the learning spirit throughout the academic community. The green and comfortable campus environment contributes to the creation of a conducive atmosphere to learning. Students’ interaction and creations on campus are also facilitated with a variety of extracurricular activities that provide space for their interests and talents development.

Innovation & Initiatives

As one of the leading universities, Universitas Islam Indonesia plays an important role in addressing Indonesia’s development challenges. The various innovations and initiatives presented in many programs are part of UII’s active contribution towards development and deployment of science and technology. Collaborations with many strategic partner institutions at both national and global levels is also our strength in developing innovations and initiatives at UII, and making impacts to a better future.

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