To nurture innovative graduates with exceptional leadership character and to be the preferred academic institution throughout Asia.


IP UII exists to develop independent learners and leaders to significantly contribute to their national and global communities. With pride and a great sense of responsibility, we at IP UII care about our students and staff. We therefore provide excellent academic and character building programs. With inspiring teaching, intellectual challenges, and an international environment, we nurture innovative global leaders.


The students, staff and lecturers at IP possess a set of complementary values that are fundamental to the identity of the IP UII, and provide the foundation for its practices:

  • Academic Excellence

International academic standards are the foundation for the pursuit of excellence in all of our endeavors.

  • Exceptional Character

A great education is not only based on academia, but also the skills and attributes of an innovative leader.

  • Openness and Flexibility

A respectful forum for open discourse promotes innovation, discovery and social responsibility while reducing barriers to education enhances access and social equity.

  • Diversity and Inclusiveness

By involving individuals from differing backgrounds, religions and nations enhances the learning and workplace environment and develops cultural awareness and understanding.

  • Staff Capacity Building

The commitment, innovation, creativity and continuous learning of every employee contributes to our success.

  • Accountability

As a responsible service provider we are accountable to our students, staff, lecturers, and to the public.

Quality Goals

IP sets the following projection of quality goals:

  1. 80% of IP graduates gain employment within three months after graduation
  2. 90% of IP students complete the program and earn a bachelor degree in time
  3. 80% of IP students have international experiences
  4. 1% of IP students are international students by 2020
  5. 12% of IP lecturers are capable of producing collaborative research with international partners by 2020

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