The Importance of Psychologists in Society’s Mental Health

Mental health, for most people, is a taboo topic to discuss. In fact, mental disturbance may occur to anyone, especially to those experiencing work pressure, sexual harassment to bullying. Some people tend to cover their anxiety to the extent that it disrupts their mental health. In such case, psychologists can be the right person, the right place for those experiencing mental health disturbances, to assist them and find a solution for their anxiety. 

This statement is in accordance with the speech delivered by the Deputi Rector of Academic Development and Research at Universitas Islam Indonesia,  Dr. Drs. Imam Djati Widodo, M.Eng.Sc., that as science and technology develops, psychologists nowadays hold an important role in society. Precisely, psychologists can be a person that someone can share their problems with. 

“The role of psychologists in assisting someone to solve the problem that sometimes disturb their mental health is important, especially with their competence to give advice or simply to be a place to share their story with,” Imam Djati stated before the graduates in 46th Graduation of Master of Professional Psychology in Auditorium of the Faculty of Psychology and Sociocultural Sciences, on Saturday (26/10).

Imam Djati also conveyed his message to the graduates. He expected that the graduates will constantly improve their competence and skills, based on their discipline. Amidst the rapid growth of science, becoming an adaptable and constantly learning individual is an added value. 

He also reminded that the psychologist must also hold professional code of ethics in psychology that contains rules and norms issued by professional organization, including legal norms. Besides that, he also underlined the importance of holding strong Islamic values for these graduates. 

As someone who has taken oath, you must observe professional code of ethics. Because these code of ethics are embedded within us and it is an oath tthat hat you must be accountable not only to humans but also to  Allah SWT,” he uttered. 

Meanwhile, Drs. Helly Prajitno Soetjipto, MA as the Head of Indonesian Psychology Association (HIMPSI) DIY emphasized things that graduates should pay attention to. “Firstly, with this professional oath-taking, it awakens us that akhlaq is the main principle. And then the second, that manners consisted within it are no less important as someone who works in the field of psychology,” he delivered his message to 7 graduates of Master of Professional Psychology UII. 

Subsequently, he also asserted that graduates nowadays are lucky because they have the opportunity to immediately obtain practice license after graduation, that they can use to open their own psychology service valid for the next 2 years. The hope is that their license can be of use for good causes in the future such as expanding their network and experience in health institution or establishing their own independent clinic. 

“Practice License that these young psychologists have are limited for 2 years so that they can earnestly use it in their professional career as psychologists,” he added. (ENI/RS)