UII Welcoming International Students: New Family Members

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) continuously provides best education not only for next Indonesian generations but also for people from all around the world. Such is evident in the admission of students from outside Indonesia every year to continue their studies in UII both at undergraduate and graduate level.

33 international students are admitted to UII for 2019/2020 academic year, distributed in the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Psychology and Sociocultural Sciences and Faculty of Medicine. These international students are from several countries like Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Aside from these new international students, enrolled international students who have started studying at UII in the previous years also attended to celebrate and get to know their new fellow international students. 

The Director of Partnership/Office of International Affairs of UII Hangga Fathana, S.IP., B.Int.St., M.A., delivered an addressing speech in the welcoming event, introducing UII and Jogja to the international students. He explained the services that UII avails to assist students’ academic activities at UII. 

“UII Central Library is one of the biggest library in Jogja. It opens till 10 PM to facilitate students who wants to study in the evening so that they can access campus facilities.”

Besides that, UII also provides career development services for its alumnus. “There is the Directorate of Career and Alumni providing up-to-date job vacancy information. So, if you have graduated and are seeking for jobs in Indonesia or abroad, there is no need to worry,” he continues. Hangga hopes that international students in UII can harness their time in their best way while studying in Indonesia. 

“UII ranks number 17th among 4500 universities in Indonesia and is listed in the top 500 universities in Asia. For this achievement, we hope that students who have come all the way from their country can utilize this time to study at UII well with these complete supporting facilities provided,” he ends.

Invited to speak at the welcoming event, Aipda Heru Permadi from Division of Traffic Management, Sleman Regency Police Department, explained about road traffic regulations and driving etiquettes in Indonesia, especially in Jogja. Besides that, also attend Rini Hartati Pudji Handayani, a representative of Yogyakarta Immigration Office, who informed students about immigration affairs for students who will study at UII for approximately 4 years. 

Speaking in the event as well are Nihlah Ilhami, S.Pd. as the Head of International Mobility Division,  Dr. Tatang Shabur as the Director of Academic Service Unit, Beni Suranto, S.T., M.Soft.Eng. the Director of Student Affairs Unit, Abdurrahman Al-Faqih the Director of Career Development and Alumni. They also elaborated about what services that these students are provided with for both domestic and international students. (NIQ/ESP)