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Bachelor of Chemistry

Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Ull’s Chemistry Study Program is one of the chemistry study programs that have obtained A accreditation based on the Decree of BAN-PT No. 211/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/X/2013. The study program excels in the learning and research development covering the following fields: essential oil chemistry, materials and electrochemistry of food and health, as well as isolation and modification of organic compounds for food and health. All of them are outlined in the strategic plan of Chemistry Study Program known as Research Excellencies (RE).

Ull’s Chemistry Study Program has an extensive range of laboratory facilities to support practicums and research activities. These laboratories are equipped with advanced instrumentations to support the Research Excellencies (RE). In addition, Ull’s Chemistry Study Program has also collaborated with various research institutions and educational institutions from within and outside the country for the sake of the development of learning activities and researches that employ international perspective.

The learning process is also supported by the implementation of various trainings and workshops that support the skills needed in the working world, technopreneurship activities, the development of essential oils (Studentpreneurship Essential Oils), as well as religious coaching during the study period, a distinct excellency of Ull’s Chemistry Study Program graduates.

So far, the majority of Ull’s Chemistry Study Program graduates work in various sectors such as industry, banking and education. Aside from that, there are many who pursue careers as entrepreneurs. Until 2015, 82% of the graduates of Chemistry Study Program are employed after a maximum of 6 months after graduation. Ull’s Chemistry Study Program graduates have worked in multinational chemical companies such as oil and gas companies, mining and polymer industries, environmental research and monitoring institutions, both private and state owned, and educational institutions by becoming teachers or lecturers/academics.

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Universitas Islam Indonesia offers joint degree and/or student exchange for bachelor degree program in collaboration with our outstanding partner universities.

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If you are interested in studying in regular program, you must have a fluent communication skills, both oral and written, using Indonesian language. UII provides BIPA program to help you learn Indonesian language before starting your first semester.

See more information: BIPA Program


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This information valid for students commencing 2018

Degree Title

(Sarjana Sains)


8 semesters full-time


National: Accredited A (BAN-PT)

Campus Location

Zanzawi Soejoeti Building,
Main Campus

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