Admissions and applications

for international undergraduate students (Diploma and Bachelor Degree)


1. Before you apply

With 28 undergraduate programs, covering a wide spectrum of knowledge, UII enables its students to discover their own treasures and achieve their brighter future.

At this stage, you should:

  • Find the right course for you, and make sure you meet the entry requirements
  • Make sure you are eligible for the appropriate visa to study in Indonesia
  • Find out what the fees for your course are and what scholarships are available to help you
  • Look at the cost of living in Yogyakarta, and what financial assistance is available to you while you study.


2. How to apply

International applicants seeking admission to Universitas Islam Indonesia must submit Application Form online and all required documents.

The application documents must be submitted online before the closing date of application. Decision for admission of eligible international applicants will be based on the submitted documents.

Study abroad or exchange

If you’re interested in studying at Universitas Islam Indonesia for a shorter period – one or two semesters – please refer to the Office of International Affairs site.


3. After you apply


When you submit your e-application you will be automatically sent an acknowledgement email.  The acknowledgement letter will include your application reference number. Please quote this number in all correspondence with the University. We will begin by checking that your application contains everything we need to begin assessment.  If anything is missing we will email you.

If your application is complete and we do not require any further information then your application will be assessed. This takes approximately two to four weeks for undergraduate courses.

Offer Process

If your application is successful, your offer letter will be emailed directly to you. If the offer is conditional, then you need to meet the conditions of your offer before accepting the offer. If you have been sent an unconditional offer, you can choose to accept it immediately.

To accept your offer follow the instructions in your offer letter.

If you choose not to accept the offer right away, you can also:

  • Consider deferring your offer
  • Ask to be considered for a different course than the one you originally applied for:
    • If you applied directly using our e-application, you can login to your user account and change your preference order and/or submit a new application.
    • If you applied directly not using our e-application,you will need to submit your change of preference via email to International Admissions.
  • Decline your offer

Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter by mail explaining why the application has been unsuccessful.


4. Preparing your study

Once you have received and accepted your offer, it is time to get ready to move to Yogyakarta! You will need to find a place to live, decide whether you need to work while you study and learn about life in your new city. Below are some helpful resources, including enrolment information, to make the transition easier for you.

Visa and Immigration

As an international student planning to study within Indonesia territory you should apply for a visa after receiving a Letter of Acceptance from Universitas Islam Indonesia. Please note that before applying for a visa, you have to get a study permit issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. International students who must apply for the study permit are those who join a Full-Degree Program, Student Exchange Program, Short Course Program, Training Course, and Indonesian Language Course Program. For some people, immigration matters can be complicated. The following guideline should help you to go through the process. If you need assistance, our office can recommend agent to process your immigration documents with your own expenses.


Home of over one hundred higher educational institutions, with student coming from all over the country and abroad, Yogyakarta is a great “campus” for multi-disciplinary scientific discourses and cross-cultural interactions. Such a dominant presence of students influences the cost of living in Yogyakarta, which is relatively inexpensive compare to the living cost in other major cities in Indonesia.

We understand that proper accommodation plays an important role in supporting the comfort of living and academic success for our students. A wide choice of boarding or rented house with variety of rental rates and facilities can be found easily around campus UII. Affordable accommodation is another reason why people choose this city for studying and living.

On-Campus Accommodation

Accommodation facilities owned by UII currently provided for students receiving scholarships from Pondok Pesantren UII and used interchangeably for religious training activities (ONDI and LKID). These campus accommodation are located in two locations as follows:

Pondok Pesantren UII Putra (Male Students Boarding School), located in Jl. Selokan Mataram, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This campus dormitory has 33 rooms which accommodate 66 students. The location of this dormitory is close to the downtown, with a range of 2 km distance to Campus Condongcatur (Faculty of Economics), approximately 9 km to Taman Siswa Campus (Faculty of Law), and approximately 14 km to the Main Campus.

Pondok Pesantren UII Putri (Female Students Boarding School), located in UII Main Campus, this student dormitory provides 24 rooms with a capacity of 60 students. UII Student Dormitory, located in UII Main Campus and currently used as a temporary boarding facility for conducting Pesantrenisasi for new students, and other religious training activities. UII student dormitory has a total of 48 rooms with the capacity approximately 300 people.

Off-Campus Accommodation

There are many accommodation facilities are available around UII campus. Students can choose to rent a room (kost), or rented house with several rooms that can be shared with a few friends. Off-campus accommodation fees are vary depending on location and amenities provided. To get more information about off-campus accommodations, students can visit and see directly the various facilities available.

Enrolment and Orientation

The first step in your new academic life is enrolling and attending orientation, designed to help ease your entry into campus life.

Tourism and Leisure

As the largest vast archipelago in the world, Indonesia offers a lot of amazing islands with its own people and culture. Nature is the most attractive recreation, but if you only have tight time to fly far from Yogyakarta, you can just go to some nature attraction nearby such as Hutan Pinus, Kalibiru, Blue Lagoon, Gumuk Pasir Parangtritis and many others.

Yogyakarta has some beautiful beaches such as Parangtritis with its gumuk pasir, Baron, Wediombo, Indrayanti, Glagah, and many more to explore.

Yogyakarta is famous with its scenic volcano Merapi which is one of the most active volcano in the world. However, when eruption happens, the government will always inform the citizen regarding safety issue.

Borobudur Temple has been crowned as one of the 9 wonderful tourism destination in the world. Prambanan Temple is also the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia located in Yogyakarta.

Historical Building
Looking for both enjoyment and education? There are a lot of historical spot, and monumental building in Yogyakarta such as Benteng Vredeburg, Kraton, and Tamansari Water Castle.

Shopping Mall & Cinema
For those who love shopping, Yogyakarta facilitate students many shopping mall and cinema. Popular supermarkets such as Giant, Hypermart, Carrefour provide wide range of household appliances & groceries. You can find some interesting malls in Yogyakarta, such as Malioboro Mall, Galeria Mall, Ambarukmo Plaza, Jogja City Mall, Lippo Plaza, and Transmart Maguwo.

Food and Beverages
The most popular Indonesian dishes are sate (skewered kebabs of meat or fish, grilled over a fire and served with spicy peanut sauce), gado-gado (a salad of half steamed vegetables with a peanut sauce dressing), nasi goreng (fried rice with shreds of meat and vegetables and topped with a fried egg), bakmi goreng (fried noodles) and nasi padang (hot and spicy cuisine of West Sumatra cooked in thick coconut milk curry).

Indonesian coffee is one of the finest in the world. You can enjoy the exotic taste of our coffee in the coffee shops commonly available in many entertainment centers or in any commercial areas of the cities.