International Mobility

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) encourages its academic/non-academic staffs and students to participate in its international mobility activities. UII has partnered with more than 100 institutions in more than 10 countries. Thus, UII is able to provide access to the opportunities to gain international experiences in order to expand knowledge and develop career at the international level. Therefore, get the most out of the international experience and broaden your horizon.

Contact us

For more information regarding the international students’ registration, both through scholarships and independent payment, you may contact:

Directorate of Partnership/Office of International Affairs
Universitas Islam Indonesia
Sardjito Building, 3rd Floor
UII Integrated Campus
Jl. Kaliurang Km 14,5 Yogyakarta 55584
Email[email protected]
Phone: +62 274 898444 ext 2201

For more information on the types of international mobility programs offered by UII, click the linked button below. Alternatively, you can also choose a more specific category of mobility programs by visiting the link provided on this page.

International Mobility Program for Students

The opportunity for international mobility is available for all UII students. You can choose any type of program that is suitable for your current scientific field and future career path. The types of international mobility programs in UII are categorized as follows:

  1. Short program – with a duration of less than one semester and activities such as summer/winter program, internship program, practical training, short courses, competition, international seminars/conferences, etc.;
  2. Credit transfer program – with a duration of one semester or more. This program is implemented based on a partnership agreement between UII and its partner Universities;
  3. Double degree – with a duration of 1 to 2 years. More information on the double degree program can be found on:

UII Students’ Mobility to Foreign Countries

Are you a UII student looking for a global experience? You can travel the world as a scholar in various institutions partnering with UII. Click the linked button below to discover your opportunities.

Foreign Students’ Mobility to UII

Are you a foreign student who wants to visit Indonesia? Get a life-changing experience by living in Yogyakarta and mingling with the local culture while studying at UII. Click the linked button below for more information.

Staffs/Lecturers’ Mobility to Foreign Countries

Seize the opportunity to expose your expertise and expand your network as an academic lecturer or staff on international level by taking part in one of UII global mobility programs. Click the linked button below to discover your opportunities.

Foreign Staffs/Lecturers’ Mobility to UII

If you are an academic staff or lecturer interested in coming to UII to give public lectures, conduct joint researches, or other collaborations with our experts and staffs, click the linked button below to see your mobility opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For select international activities, financial support may be available to facilitate your experience. However, the funding scheme will depend on the program type and agreement with partner institutions.

The majority of the programs offered in partner Universities are conducted in English. Therefore, if you feel like you still need to improve your English skills, you can join an English course at UII language center (CILACS), or at other language course institutions in Yogyakarta. English proficiency will be one of the benefits of participating in an international program.

From the variety of programs that we offer, you can choose one that is the most suitable with your goals and needs. The short program can be a solution because it is typically done during the semester break. Alternatively, you can participate in the credit transfer program for one semester. This program enables you to obtain academic credit points from the partner University. Your participation in international mobility activities will give you the opportunity to gain a cross-cultural experience and skills, which are a plus point to your academic abilities.

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