Office of International Affairs

To bolster UII’s internationalization effort and be actively involved in many global events and communities, UII established the the Office of International Affairs (OIA) under the Directorate of Partnership/Office of International Affairs.

OIA is responsible for several tasks: (1) evaluate and perform intensive international cooperation with partner institutions abroad, (2) provide services for foreign students, such as helping with immigration administrations, campus orientation, and academic consultation from the time of preparation of arrival to UII to the completion of their study, (3) support the course of study and UII students participating in collaboration programs with partner universities abroad, and (4) foster collaboration for guest lectures and foreign research to affiliate with UII.

Need help? Contact us

For information and service from OIA, please contact:

Directorate of Partnership/Office of International Affairs
Universitas Islam Indonesia
Sardjito Building (3rd Floor), UII Integrated Campus
Jl. Kaliurang Km 14,5 Yogyakarta 55584 Indonesia
Email[email protected]    Phone: +62 274 898444 ext 2200

Visa & Immigration Service

As a foreign student looking forward to study in the Republic of Indonesia, you will need to apply for visa upon receipt of Admission Letter from Universitas Islam Indonesia. Please note that prior to applying for your visa, you should obtain study permit issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Obtaining study permit is required for foreign students looking forward to take full degree program, student exchange program, short course program, training course, and Indonesia Language for Foreign Speaker (BIPA).

For some people, administration with the immigration might be complicated. As UII student, you are eligible for requesting our assistance to proceed as required. If you require further assistance, OIA may recommend certain agents to have your immigration documents processed on your behalf at your own cost.

You can find more details on immigration administration on the website of the government of Indonesia: Directorate General of Immigration

We issue sponsorship letter for foreign students in Universitas Islam Indonesia However, as a foreigner, you need to submit a request to obtain sponsorship letter whenever you are required to extend your visa/KITAS (temporary stay permit), or Multiple Re-entry Permit, Exit Permit Only, Exit Re-Entry Permit, and other immigration formalities.

The followings are the documents that you are required to submit to obtain a recommendation letter from Universitas Islam Indonesia.

  1. Recommendation letter from your faculty.
  2. Copy of academic transcript.
  3. Copy of passport (with validity period of no less than 6 months).
  4. Request Form (by filling out an electronic form)
  5. Letter of Guarantee (downloadable template provided)

Please note that your request for recommendation letter might take 3 (three) business days to process. Thus, please note to manage your schedule so our OIA staff members have sufficient time to process your letter before your immigration requirements are due.

Please use the following linked button to complete your stay permit and study permit request for UII foreign students.

BIPA program:
A support to boost your skills in Indonesian language

Indonesian Language for Foreign Speaker (BIPA) is aimed for introducing Indonesian language and culture to foreigners seeking to stay in Indonesia. This program would also help prospective foreign students of Universitas Islam Indonesia to prepare for interaction and communication using Indonesian language, either in class or daily settings.

UII BIPA program is facilitated by the Center of International Language and Cultural Studies (CILACS). More information on the registration and course fee is accessible through the following linked button.

UII Learning Center:
Supports student’s learning journey

UII Learning Center is a facility which provides assistance for students of Universitas Islam Indonesia to adjust themselves to on-campus academic dynamics. This programs also intends to help students achieve academic success. They may select certain service(s) relevant to their respective academic challenge.

UII Learning Center helps students with the transition from their high school days to a new environment in the campus. Through workshops, UII Learning Center also equip them with solutions to various academic challenges which may hinder their study in UII, which may include time management, academic adjustment, stress management, delivering presentation and academic writing, and critical thinking skills, among others.

If you experience any of such challenges, feel free to contact UII Learning Center to learn for solutions. UII Learning Center would help you identify your problems with the help from our well-trained personnel.

Press the following linked button for more information and services from UII Learning Center.

Prabuningrat Building (Rectorate Office)
Main Campus Universitas Islam Indonesia
Jl. Kaliurang km. 14,5 Sleman, Yogyakarta 55584 Indonesia

Phone: +62 274 898444
Fax: +62 274 898459
Email: info[at]

Universitas Islam Indonesia has Accredited “Unggul” by National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture (BAN-PT) of the Republic of Indonesia on 2022.