Social Contribution Based on Islamic Values

Community service and da’wa islamiyah are two important pillars in the Catur Dharma (the Four Piety) of UII. We encourage our academic society to actively contribute and benefit the society by organizing social programs based on Islamic and nationality values that are made through collaboration with groups or individuals.

Fostering social empathy and practice of discipline through Student Community Service

Student Community Service (KKN) is a community service activity conducted by UII students as well as a part of our education curriculum design here in Universitas Islam Indonesia. This program is conducted with a cross-disciplinary and sectoral approach during certain time in an area under our partnership/development.

Conducted for approximately one month, KKN will send the students in groups (with cross-discipline mix) to regions on village/sub-village level where they should run community service program. KKN is also a medium for derivation of programs or research products and innovations originated in UII and an attempt to see their direct application in the society to deliver a wide-reaching benefit.

More information is accessible in DPPM UII website through the following link.

Bringing benefit to society through sustainable service

Every year, the Directorate of Research and Community Service of UII has several community service development programs involving and welcoming all lecturers, students, librarians, laboratory technicians, and general community members across the country. One of such research and community service development program is providing research competition and community service grant for internal stakeholders of lecturers in collaboration with students, librarians, or laboratory technicians.

Serving as a guidance to plan a community service proposal are  Community Service Strategic Plan (Renstra) 2016-2020 and Research and Community Service Guidebook 2018 update which have been prepared to guide the development of various activities.

UII actively hosts workshops for development and empowerment of self-sustaining village, development of expansion, reinforcement, and empowerment of potential of community service partner village, to name a few. This spirit is fostered to actualize the contribution of UII toward community development.

A Private University with the
Best Community Service Performance in Indonesia

In 2017, the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) named UII the 4th National Best for community service performance. This achievement also listed UII as the first among other private universities in Indonesia.

Dawa and character building program based on Islamic values

Directorate of Islamic Education and Mentoring (DPPAI) is a unit under UII with a mandate for the study and dawa of Islamic values and implementation of religious education toward a religious awareness both on and off campus.

Programs of Directorate of Islamic Education and Mentoring covers two aspects of activity scope as follows:

Internal Aspect: Programs prepared and formulated to bring religious atmosphere to the campus such as practice and mentoring of students’ religious activities, recitation for academic and administrative staff members, as well as education and training

External Aspect: Programs prepared and formulated to support and encourage religious spirit in the vicinity of the campus and carry out various national and international-scale activities such as recitation for the public, religious training, facilitation for preacher service, international seminar, Islamic entertainment show, and more.

More information is available on DPPAI website through the following link.

Directorate of Research &
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Directorate of Islamic Development & Education (DPPAI)

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