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One more step to join Universitas Islam Indonesia family. After deciding on the degree and field of study, be it associate, undergraduate, professional, postgraduate, or doctoral program according to your study interest and career plan, it is time to enroll and take UII student admission selection. Admission requirements and procedures may vary based on each academic degree and study programs. Please use one of the following linked buttons for more information.

Associate (D3) & Undergraduate (S1)

Postgraduate (S2), & Doctoral (S3) Program

Admission for
International Student

UII New Student Admission selection process of academic year 2020/2021 for associate (D3) and undergraduate (S1) academic program is available through 6 (six) selection pattern options:

  • Report-based Selection (SIBER) is a prospective student admission selection pattern based on the students’ report marks (Semester 3, 4, and 5). A separate SIBER selection pattern is also available specifically for Medical Study Program (SIBER FK), to which students are selected based on their report marks (Semester 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). It allows for a more convenient admission flow, where students only need to apply and upload their report marks and receive the announcement on the same day.
  • Young Leader Appraisal (PPM) is a prospective student admission selection pattern available to those with experience managing student organizations in senior high school (SMA), vocational high school (SMK), or high madrasa (MA). The said student organizations may include: Intra-school Student Organization (OSIS), Scout, Flag Hoisting Troop, Extracurricular Units (Science/Sports/Art), and School Islamic Club. Prospective students may enroll to all Associate (D3) and Undergraduate (S1) Study Programs via the PPM selection pattern, with the exception of Medical Study Program.
  • Computer-based Test (CBT) is an online selection pattern conducted both on and off UII Integrated Campus. The off UII Integrated Campus CBT selection is conducted in high schools/high madrasa in several municipalities/districts that partner with UII as CBT selection administrators.
  • Honors Student Appraisal (PSB) is a selection pattern conducted by assessing students’ academic achievements and their interest-talent under scholarship and non-scholarship category.
  • Quran Hafiz Appraisal (PHA) is a selection pattern aimed at honors students who can memorize at least 10 juz of the Quran.

All six new student admission selection patterns are valid for all D3 and S1 study programs offered in UII. Specifically for Medical Education study program, the selection process is divided into two parts: (1) the first part is CBT FK, PBT, PSB, PHA, or SIBER FK selection, and (2) the second part selection is comprehensive test.


Due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, UII new student admission selection process of academic year 2020/2021 for Associate (D3) and Undergraduate (S1) programs are now accessible online #DariRumahSaja.

Universitas Islam Indonesia opens new additional selection pattern: SIBER (Report-based Selection) and PPM (Young Leader Appraisal). For more information on admission procedures and the requirements, please visit PMB UII website through the available linked button.

Professional, Postgraduate (S2), and Doctoral (S3) Program

Continuing your study to postgraduate level will help you boost your competence in the profession you are practicing or the one you are looking forward into. By taking professional, postgraduate, or doctoral education, you will be guaranteed with knowledge, skills, and experience to transfer and apply in support of your performance. With higher competence and more experience, you are better-poised to take advantage of career opportunities when they surface.

New student admission selection process for professional, postgraduate, and doctoral program (PPMD) in Universitas Islam Indonesia is currently administered by each study program. Find a step-by-step guidance to set up your application as a prospective student of professional, postgraduate, and doctoral program in UII, including any information on the requirements, new student admission period, and the required documents to prepare.

Need Help?

Getting into some issues or more questions about professional, postgraduate, or doctoral education in Universitas Islam Indonesia? 

You can contact the administrator of the education program in concern for more information from our service officers. Email us at: [email protected]

The selection and administration process in the admission of foreign students/applicants at Universitas Islam Indonesia is assisted by the Office of International Affairs (OIA).

If you have any questions or difficulties in preparing the required documents to meet the entry requirements, please contact our staff at OIA UII via email: [email protected]. We will guide you through the admission process.

The information in this web page is available in Indonesian and is provided to guide especially domestic students to register for study at Universitas Islam Indonesia. Please refer to our website available in English to make you more confident and comfortable in exploring our study program and admission procedure.

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Are you a foreign applicant and want to study at UII by attending regular programs using Bahasa Indonesia? Or do you want to study at UII using English by applying to the International Program (provided for selected bachelor programs only)?

Find information about requirements and procedures via the button link below.

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