Life in Yogyakarta

If Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, especially for the central government and the hustle and bustle of bussiness, Yogyakarta is the “capital” of education, culture, and arts. With its long history of civilization, Yogyakarta has become the center of contemporary tradition as well as traditional arts that continue to develop and be sustainable. Discover the harmony of living and studying in Jogja along with the unique hospitality of the people.

Jogja, Your Second Home

Yogyakarta, or also known as “Jogja”, is an attractive and comfortable place to study in Indonesia. People live their day to day lives in peace and harmony with a soft touch of Javanese culture that is prominent and is the main characteristic of the people’s hospitality.

Students can easily find comfortable places to meet up with friends, having group study, or attending various public events such as seminars, music festivals, and art performances. This city also provides many facilities that catter to the students’ learning needs such as the city library, bookstores, internet cafeswork spaces, photocopy center, and stationary centers. To relax on the weekends, you can visit various shopping centers, cinemas, as well as numerous places of entertainment and pleasant places to relax.

No matter where you come from, you will find and feel Yogyakarta is like a second home to you.


Students studying at UII do not only come from Yogyakarta and its surroundings, but they also come from various regions in Indonesia and even from abroad. Choosing suitable accommodation is a necessity for students, especially those who come from far regions and abroad, to be able to live and learn comfortably while studying at UII. As the city of education, Yogyakarta offers a variety of accommodation facilities that are generally easy to access around campus locations.

On-Campus Accommodation

The on-campus accommodation facilities owned by UII are currently provided on a limited basis for students who receive superior scholarships for the UII Islamic Boarding School. Campus accommodation (UII Islamic Boarding School) is located in two locations:

UII Islamic Boarding School (Male), located on Jl. Selokan Mataram, Dabag, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This Islamic boarding school has 33 rooms that can accommodate up to 66 male students. The location of this male Islamic Boarding School is near to the downtown area, about 2 km from the Condongcatur Campus (Faculty of Economics), about 9 km from Taman Siswa Campus (Faculty of Law), and approximately 14 km from the Integrated Campus.

UII Islamic Boarding School (Female), located at the UII Integrated Campus as part of the Female Student Dormitory. There are 24 rooms with a capacity of up to 60 female students.

Student Dormitory, located at the UII Integrated Campus, is currently being utilized as an accommodation facility for new students in the boarding school program as well as for various student activities. The UII Student Dormitory has a total of 48 rooms with a capacity of approximately 300 people.

Off-Campus Accommodation

There are numerous and various accommodation facilities that are available outside of the UII campus. Students can choose to rent a room, or rent a house with several rooms together with other people and share the rent.

For more information on accommodations around campus, students can visit and see for themselves the various lodgings (boarding houses) available. For easier information access, students can also use the link below or directly visit various websites or social media that provide information on student accommodation in the city of Yogyakarta.

Living Costs

Universitas Islam Indonesia understands that decent accommodation and complete facilities play an important part in creating a comfortable living and academic success for students. Various accommodation options such as rooms or houses for rent with wide range of rental rate and facilities can be easily found around the UII Campus.

Moreover, the relatively affordable living costs in Jogja have no doubt become part of students’ considerations in planning to study here. Here is a rough estimation of student’s living cost while studying in Yogyakarta:

Lodging (Room Rent) Rp400.000       –      Rp1.000.000
Transportation Rp100.000       –      Rp200.000
Meals Rp1.000.000    –      Rp1.800.000
Books and Photocopy Rp100.000       –      Rp150.000
Communication Rp100.000       –      Rp200.000
Entertainment/Leisure Rp1.600.000    –      Rp3.350.000


A variety of culinary choices with affordable prices can be found easily at street food stalls, convenience stores, malls, or even local traditional markets in Yogyakarta. Interesting menus can also be found in many street vendors, cafes, and restaurants. Apart from traditional Yogyakarta cuisine, various traditional dishes from all over Indonesia as well as international cuisine are also available here.

Additional & Leisure Facilities

Photocopy centers, computer shops, and electronic peripheral shops are easily found in Yogyakarta. Postal services and international fund transfers will not be a problem as post offices and banks are available in every sub-district. If you ever need a break from routine academic activities, Yogyakarta offers many choices of public spaces for relaxing, shopping, as well as tourist destinations such as temples and beautiful beaches to visit. Like most parts of Indonesia, Yogyakarta has a tropical climate. The average daily temperature is between 23 to 32 degrees Celsius.

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Aside from easy access from other big cities via the New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA), Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta (Tugu) and Lempuyangan Train Stations, as well as Giwangan and Jombor Bus Stations, public transportations to NYIA are available inmany ways such as by dedicated airport trains, taxis, and also by dedicated bus arriving by schedule (SatelQu or Damri).

Yogyakarta also has reliable in-city transportation. Students can easily get access to public transportation such as city buses (Trans Jogja) or taxis. Online application-based transportation services such as GO-JEK and Grab are also reliable and very easy to use in the city. In addition, private motorbikes and cars are also widely used by students.

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