Expanding the Global Partnership Networkal

Universitas Islam Indonesia collaborates with different institutions and industries both on a national and global scale to expand opportunities and access towards educational development, exchange programs, collaborative research, as well as to drive various initiatives and innovations.

Become UII’s Partner

Institutional collaborations at Universitas Islam Indonesia is managed by the Directorate of Partnership/Office of International Affairs (DK/KUI), responsible for managing partnership administrations and facilitating units within UII in exploring partnership opportunities, supporting collaborative development, and evaluating the implementation of cooperations with various institutions. DK/KUI also functions as the Office of International Affairs that acts as an internationalization catalyst at UII.

The partnership network built by UII consists of various bilateral and multilateral collaboration programs with national and global institutions. UII currently partners with different institutions both domestically and abroad, consisting of universities, government institutions, industries, and non-profit organizations that are actively involved in various collaborative endeavors. Our international partners are also spread across various countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Morocco, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, and the USA.

Potential partners are welcome to apply to initiate collaboration with UII in relation to education, research, community service, or other relevant academic activities through the DK/KUI.

Information Portal
UII Collaboration Partners

Check out the list of partner institutions at Universitas Islam Indonesia in the information portal of cooperation available through the link below. This portal service is also a part of the management system of the institutional collaboration at UII with limited access under the coordination of the DK/KUI.

Explore your partnership with us

We partner with different industries, government, non-profit organizations, and communities to develop collaborations so that we can benefit the collaborating institutions and give impact to the community at large. Explore your opportunities to collaborate with our outstanding network of scholars, students, and alumni to create brand new knowledge across disciplines.

Connect with Universitas Islam Indonesia in multiple ways. We do understand that initiating collaboration between institutions can be complicated and confusing. Therefore, feel free to ask for our assistance to connect you with the right resources or units to support the strategic collaboration priority you want to carry out with UII.

Directorate of Partnership/Office of International Affairs

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Institutional Accreditation A. Universitas Islam Indonesia has received institutional accreditation A from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) since 2013.