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The Master of Notarial Law Study Program of the Faculty of Law at UII is the first Notarial Law Master Program offered in any Private Universities (PTS) in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Currently, there are no other Private Universities that have this study program. Although this program is still in its early years, those interested to enroll in this program come from various universities in Indonesia (it is recorded that enrolled students came from 89 universities in Indonesia).

The Notarial Law Master Study Program of the Faculty of Law at UII was established in 2014 under the Decision Letter of Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia No. 104/P/2014 concerning the Permission to Establish a Notarial Law Study Program, a Master Program (S-2) in Universitas Islam Indonesia in Yogyakarta, organized by Yayasan Badan Wakaf Universitas Islam Indonesia, on 10 March 2014.

Currently, the Master of Notarial Law Study Program of the Faculty of Law at UII is a member of the Forum Kerjasama Program Studi Magister Kenotariatan Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Se-Indonesia (FK PSMKn.PTS). This forum is a legal entity under the Decision Letter of Minister of Law and Human Rights No. AHU-00108.60.10.2014 concerning the Ratification of the Management of Association Legal Entities of the Forum Kerjasama Program Studi Magister Kenotariatan Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Se-Indonesia.

The Master of Notarial Law Program of the Faculty of Law at UII features the curriculum designed to develop competence in 2 fields and to prepare deeds and agreements under sharia law. Therefore, the scientific structure will always be improved to support the above mentioned features. In its practice, this curriculum is supported by professional educators in their respective fields. All aspects related to the notarial profession are taught by notaries who not only are practitioners, but also experienced in the academic field (with doctoral degrees). In addition, the preparation of thesis, must be counseled to competent notaries. In addition to its competence, the FH UII Master of Notarial Law Program is designed to prepare their graduates with strong integrity (akhlakul karimah) values and strong professional ethics, an indispensable character asset required in notarial professions which have many challenges.

Who are Eligible to Enroll to This Program?

Bachelor of Law graduates from Law Study Program.

Graduates may work in notarial profession or other professions related to notarial law i.e. a notary. Graduates may also work as academics such as lecturer or pursue higher education (Professional Doctorate/PhD).


  1. Indonesians or International applicants with valid permits from the authority.
  2. Any International applicant must have a valid visa, the procedures of which must be processed through Rector’s Office of Universitas Islam Indonesia.
  3. Holder of Bachelor’s degree from Law Study Program.
  4. Legalized copy of Bachelor’s Degree Certificate/Certificate of Education and Academic Transcript.
  5. Minimum GPA of 3.00.
  6. Applicant with national-level achievement(s) will be a subject of special consideration.
  7. Academic Recommendations given by 2 (two) lecturers with Doctoral Degrees and/or their Supervisors.
  8. Thesis writing plans (title, background, and problem formulation).
  9. Curriculum vitae.
  10. Passport photos sized 4×6, 3×4, 2×3, 2 each.
  11. Copy of identity card (National Identity Card/Driving License/Passport).
  12. TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 450 (that is still valid) or passing the English test held by Center for International Language and Cultural Studies of UII (Cilacs).
  13. Have a TPA certificate with a minimum score of 500 (that is still valid) or passing the TPA test held by UII.
  14. Copy of application fee payment receipt.

Application Procedures

  1. The applicants must complete the application forms provided by the program, and attach the documents required for application.
  2. The applicants may send the application forms and documents via e-mail, provided that the application documents must be submitted/sent to the program.
  3. Pay the application fee via bank.
  4. The applicant, following the registration, will receive a Participant Card with their photo affixed on it. It is mandatory for applicants to present the card on the day of the admission test.

The cost of tuition and fees for postgraduate programs at UII consists of the following  components:

  • Application fee of Rp600,000.00.
  • Tuition Fee of Rp35,000,000,00 (paid in 4 installments).
  • Graduation Ceremony Fee of Rp750,000.00.

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Disclaimer: This information is valid for the Academic Year of 2022/2023 and is subject to change depending on the policies in Universitas Islam Indonesia

Academic Degree
M. Kn. – Master (S2)
Duration of Study
4 Semester (estimated full-time study)
Campus Location
Postgraduate Program Faculty of Law
Cik di Tiro Campus
Jalan Cik Ditiro No. 1 Yogyakarta
National Accreditation:
❯  B (BAN-PT)
International Accreditation :
❯  –

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