Social Media Usage Guide

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) has always been committed to take advantage of the best available technology to the date to encourage effective communication. An example of such use of technology is the social media which has become so versatile for different purposes such as knowledge sharing, news publication, and virtual interaction. With social media, those purposes could reach broader audience in new and exciting ways. Some of the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Path, and more.


This usage guide is prepared to promote a more effective use of social media and to serve as a practical guideline for registered social media users. It is also to ensure participation in social media use by lecturers, staff members, and students, is approached by paying attention to the professional reputation of UII.


This guide covers all social media activities by students, staff members, and lecturers in their capacity when representing UII in a formal manner. It also covers individuals, either students, staff members, or lecturers in their capacity when representing an individual, but bearing the name of and representing on behalf of UII in a formal manner. It does not cover any individual activities which does not represent UII in a formal manner. As the landscape of social media changes and grows, this guide may be subject to revision at a later time.


Social media account registration guide for faculties, study programs, institutions, and student organizations are as follows:

Naming Guide

  • Social media naming should specifically represent the name of faculty, study center, institution, and student organization under the name of UII.
  • Social media naming should include the name of UII either before or after the name of faculty, study program, study center, institution, and student organization. Example: Faculty of Economics UII or @UIIFacultyOfEconomics

Logo Usage Guide

  • Social media accounts should include UII official logo as part of their profile picture. No alteration shall be made to the name, logo, and shape in any possible way.
  • Official logo of UII is downloadable through
  • Please follow other guides in relation to branding guideline, available through this link

Registration Guide

  • Please inform Directorate of Public Relations of UII regarding the functions of such social media accounts, both for existing and future accounts. This is intended to facilitate coordination among social media users and the Directorate of Public Relations of UII.
  • Social media account administrators should provide information regarding their name and contact numbers to Directorate of Public Relations of UII.
  • Directorate of Public Relations of UII is reachable via e-mail or phone (0274) 898444 ext. 1217.


Mutual Respect

  • Be sure to show sense of respect towards other social media users, be it an individual or a community connected to the social media that you are administrating.
  • Be sure not to publish any materials that might offend certain ethnicity, religious beliefs, racial groups, or inter-group relations and harm UII’s reputation.
  • Be sure to respond criticisms and negative remarks cordially.
  • Mention that account administrators reserve the right to delete any intolerable comments that violate the rules.
  • Make sure that social media usage comply with all of Indonesia’s applicable laws and regulations.
  • Make sure that social media usage comply with all of university regulations and those of the social media platform in use.


  • Include social media account administrator’s personal information to foster public trust and credibility.
  • Be sure to inform that your social media account represents your faculty, study program, study center, institution, and student organization within UII.
  • Do not include detailed personal information to prevent misuse.


  • Verify the information validity you are going to share before posting them on social media.
  • Please include the source of the information if applicable.
  • In the event of inaccuracies in the information that you share, please revise them immediately, make a statement of apology, and provide a clarification as appropriate.

Frequency of Use

  • Use social media effectively.
  • Make sure of regular posting frequency with updated information.
  • Do a timely follow up to every response posted to the social media accounts.

General Content

  • Any substances published to social media would be widely available and publicly accessible.
  • Make sure the published contents are free from any matters that might expose to future harms.
  • Please note that account administrators shall be responsible of any published information.


  • Professionalism is encouraged when account administrators post any information that represent the university.
  • Personal contents should not be informed through official social media accounts representing the university.
  • Giving personal opinion in such a way that might be perceived as the statement of the university is prohibited.
  • In case such action is indeed necessary, notify that the published information is a personal opinion, not university’s.
  • Social media accounts representing the university must not be used for any commercial, political, other private interests.

Internal Privacy

  • Any information that is restricted or of university privacy shall not be publicly shared through social media.
  • Be sure to respect the privacy of other social media users.

In case of difficulties or questions regarding this social media usage guide, please contact Directorate of Public Relations of Universitas Islam Indonesia by email: or phone: (0274) 898444 ext. 1217.