Study Program Accreditation

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) is Accredited Unggul for its Institution based on the institutional accreditation assessment by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) since 2021.

In this academic year of 2022/2023, UII offers academic programs at Undergraduate level (S1) with 26 study programs, Applied Degree program (D4) with 3 study programs, Diploma program (D3) with 1 study program, Professional program with 3 study programs, Postgraduate program (S2) with 13 study programs, and Doctoral program (S3) with 4 study programs. Among all the study programs UII has, over 70% of them have received an A for their accreditation.

Faculty of Business Economics Tax Accounting S.Tr.Ak Applied Degree Unggul
Financial Analysis STr. E. Applied Degree A
Digital Business STr. Applied Degree Unggul
Accounting (+IP) S.Ak. Undergraduate Unggul ACCA; AASBI
Management (+IP) S.M. Undergraduate Unggul
Development Economics (+IP) S.E. Undergraduate Unggul AUN-QA
Management M.M. Postgraduate Unggul
Accounting M.Ak. Postgraduate Unggul
Economics M.Ek. Postgraduate Unggul
Economics Dr. Doctoral A
Management Dr. Doctoral Minimum
Faculty of  Law Law (+ IP) S.H. Undergraduate Unggul AUN-QA; FIBAA
Business Law S.H. Undergraduate Minimum
Law M.H. Postgraduate Unggul FIBAA
Notarial Law M.Kn. Postgraduate B FIBAA
Law Dr. Doctoral Unggul FIBAA
Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Sciences Psychology S.Psi. Undergraduate Unggul AUN-QA
Communication Science (+ IP) S.I.Kom. Undergraduate A
International Relations (+ IP) S.Hub.Int. Undergraduate B
English Language Education S.Pd. Undergraduate B
Professional Psychology M.Psi. Postgraduate B
Faculty of Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering (+ IP) S.T. Undergraduate Unggul AUN-QA
Chemical Engineering (+ IP)1 S.T. Undergraduate Unggul
Electrical Engineering S.T. Undergraduate Unggul IABEE
Informatics (+ IP) S.Kom. Undergraduate Unggul
Mechanical Engineering S.T. Undergraduate A
Textile Engineering1 S.T. Undergraduate Minimum
Industrial Engineering M.T. Postgraduate B
Informatics M.Kom. Postgraduate B
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning Civil Engineering (+ IP) S.T. Undergraduate Unggul JABEE; IABEE
Architecture (+ IP)1 S.Ars. Undergraduate Unggul KAAB
Environmental Engineering S.T. Undergraduate Unggul ABET; IABEE
Professional Architecture Ar. Professional Unggul KAAB
Architecture M.Ars. Postgraduate B
Civil Engineering M.T. Postgraduate B
Civil Engineering Dr. Doctoral Baik
Faculty of Maths and Natural Sciences Chemical Analysis A.Md.Si. Diploma Three Unggul ASIIN
Chemistry S.Si. Undergraduate Unggul RSC; ASIIN
Pharmacy (+ IP)1 S.Farm. Undergraduate A ASIIN
Statistics S.Stat. Undergraduate A ASIIN
Chemistry Education1 S.Pd. Undergraduate Baik Sekali ASIIN
Chemistry M.Si. Postgraduate Baik ASIIN
Pharmacy M.Farm. Postgraduate Baik
Professional Pharmacist Apt. Professional Unggul
Faculty of Medicine Medicine2 S.Ked. Undergraduate Unggul
Medicine Professional dr. Professional Unggul
Faculty of Islamic Studies Ahwal Al Syakhshiyah (+ IP) S.H. Undergraduate A
Islamic Economics S.E. Undergraduate A AUN-QA
Islamic Education S.Pd. Undergraduate A AUN-QA
Islamic Studies In accordance with the major Postgraduate A
Islamic Low Dr. Doctoral B

*National Accreditation
Regulation of BAN-PT Nomor 1 Tahun 2020, rank of accreditation or accredited rank is the result of accreditation conducted by the BAN-PT, which consists of:
– A, B, and C for accreditation conducted using 7 STANDART accreditation instruments
– Unggul, Baik Sekali, and Baik for accreditation conducted with IAPS 4.0 and IAPT 3.0
Source: National Accreditation Body for Higher Education (BAN-PT).

**International Accreditation/Certification
ABET: Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
JABEE: Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education
IABEE: Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education
KAAB: Korea Architectural Accrediting Board
ACCA: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
RSC: Royal Society of Chemistry
AUN-QA: ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance
ASIIN: The Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics