Study Program Accreditation

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) is Accredited A for its Institution based on the institutional accreditation assessment by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) since 2013.

In this academic year of 2020/2021, UII offers academic programs at Undergraduate level (S1) with 25 study programs, Diploma program (D3) with 4 study programs, Professional program with 3 study programs, Postgraduate program (S2) with 12 study programs, and Doctoral program (S3) with 4 study programs. Among all the study programs UII has, over 70% of them have received an A for their accreditation.

Faculty of Business Economics Accounting A.Md. Diploma Three Unggul
Management A.Md. Diploma Three Unggul
Banking & Finance A.Md. Diploma Three A
Accounting (+IP) S.Ak. Undergraduate Unggul ACCA; AASBI
Management (+IP) S.M. Undergraduate Unggul
Development Economics (+IP) S.E. Undergraduate Unggul AUN-QA
Management M.M. Postgraduate Unggul
Accounting M.Ak. Postgraduate Unggul
Economics M.Ek. Postgraduate Unggul
Economics Dr. Doctoral A
Faculty of  Law Law (+ IP) S.H. Undergraduate Unggul AUN-QA
Law M.H. Postgraduate Unggul
Notarial Law M.Kn. Postgraduate B
Law Dr. Doctoral Unggul
Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Sciences Psychology S.Psi. Undergraduate A AUN-QA
Communication Science (+ IP) S.I.Kom. Undergraduate A
International Relations (+ IP) S.Hub.Int. Undergraduate B
English Language Education S.Pd. Undergraduate B
Professional Psychology M.Psi. Postgraduate B
Faculty of Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering (+ IP) S.T. Undergraduate A AUN-QA
Chemical Engineering (+ IP)1 S.T. Undergraduate A
Electrical Engineering S.T. Undergraduate Unggul
Informatics (+ IP) S.Kom. Undergraduate A
Mechanical Engineering S.T. Undergraduate A
Textile Engineering1 S.T. Undergraduate Minimum
Industrial Engineering M.T. Postgraduate B
Informatics M.Kom. Postgraduate B
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning Civil Engineering (+ IP) S.T. Undergraduate Unggul JABEE; IABEE
Architecture (+ IP)1 S.Ars. Undergraduate Unggul KAAB
Environmental Engineering S.T. Undergraduate Unggul ABET; IABEE
Professional Architecture Ar. Professional Unggul KAAB
Architecture M.Ars. Postgraduate B
Civil Engineering M.T. Postgraduate B
Civil Engineering Dr. Doctoral Minimum
Faculty of Maths and Natural Sciences Chemical Analysis A.Md.Si. Diploma Tiga Unggul
Chemistry S.Si. Undergraduate Unggul RSC
Pharmacy (+ IP)1 S.Farm. Undergraduate A
Statistics S.Si. Undergraduate A
Chemistry Education1 S.Pd. Undergraduate B
Chemistry M.Si. Postgraduate Baik
Faculty of Medicine Medicine2 S.Ked. Undergraduate A
Medicine Professional dr. Professional A
Faculty of Islamic Studies Ahwal Al Syakhshiyah (+ IP) S.H. Undergraduate A
Islamic Economics S.E. Undergraduate A
Islamic Education S.Pd. Undergraduate A
Islamic Studies In accordance with the major Postgraduate A
Islamic Low Dr. S3 B