The idea behind UIIPeduli program is to provide an integrated donation platform for UII’s academic society and the community at large to help with domestic and foreign natural disaster and humanitarian crisis.

UIIPeduli enables its members and associates of UII to foster a caring attitude in response to natural disasters and humanitarian crisis both nationwide and worldwide. Initiated in August 2018, UIIPeduli program has since made donations to several locations, including Lombok, Palu, Sigi, Donggala, Banten, Gunung Kidul, Riau, Maluku, Wamena, Palestina, and Uyghur. Fund collection and donation campaign is organized together with our alumni at the location in concern or through an external partner institution such as Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

How do I donate?

Donation for UIIPeduli can be made via wire transfer to the following bank accounts:

Bank Mandiri
Account No.: 1370077991111
Holder’s name Universitas Islam Indonesia.Peduli

Bank Syariah Mandiri
Account No.: 7330071111
Holder’s name Universitas Islam Indonesia.Peduli

Currently open for donation:
UIIPeduli COVID-19

COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia keeps rocketing while its first responders and general community are in the brink of dwindling supplies. Let’s join forces with UII to make your best donation for purchasing Personal Protective Equipment, medical supplies, and giving social relief for the affected ones.

Program of UIIPeduli

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