Doctor of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering & Planning

Civil Engineering Doctorate Program, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (PDTS FTSP) UII is established to address the abovementioned global challenges. Since the era of globalization enables foreign resources to also compete with Indonesian workforce, it is now more important than ever to prepare qualified local resources. This situation opens big opportunities for education sector to actively participate in providing chances for local resources (executives and professionals) to compete with them.

Appropriate technology and efficiency in physical development as the facilities and infrastructure to contribute for Indonesian economic growth must be amplified by qualified technicians. In addition, PDTS FTSP UII is a form of our response to the ever increasing demands for competent and competitive academics and professionals with Doctor’s degrees (S3) in Civil Engineering, whose numbers are unfortunately still limited.

PDTS FTSP UII was officially established under the  Decision Letter of the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) of the Republic of Indonesia No.: 126/KPT/I/2017 – dated 7 February 2017. Specializations offered include:

Civil Engineering Doctorate Program offers several specializations, i.e.:
Construction Management (MK), Earthquake Engineering Management (MRK), Transportation Planning and Engineering (PTT), Transportation Management (MT) Earthquake Engineering Management (MRK) specialization is a multi- and interdisciplinary program, employing Engineering and Social science approaches for problem solving in relation to constructional matters. The field of engineering is focused on Earthquake and
Disaster Engineering Management. Earthquake engineering is more of a combination between structural engineering, earthquake engineering, and geotechnical earthquake engineering.

Career prospects for the Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering UII graduates are wide open in various fields and related agencies or companies, mainly including lecturers and researchers, construction industry actors (contractors, consultants, project supervisors, property developers), government staff at Bappeda, the Public Works Agency, disaster management agencies, including the disaster insurance industry.


  1. Domestic or International applicants with valid permission from the Directorate General of Higher Education
  2. Complete the Application Form
  3. Latest colored passport photos sized 3×4 cm and 4×6 cm, 2 each
  4. Diploma (applicants are required to bring their certified copy of diploma on the day of the interview)
  5. GPA (applicants are required to bring their certified copy of academic transcript on the day of the interview) of:
    – Bachelor’s Degree minimum 2.75
    – Master’s Degree minimum 3.25
  6. TOEFL/IELTS certificate with:
    minimum score of 500 for TOEFL or 5.5 for IELTS for Doctorate Program (applicants are required to bring the original copy of TOEFL/IELTS certificate on the day of the interview)
  7. Valid TPA certificate with minimum score of 500
  8. Take written test
  9. Submit a research proposal for Thesis/Dissertation, consisting of research title and abstract with research background, problem formulation, objectives, and methodology. The abstract should not exceed 350 words. Applicants are required to bring
    2 (two) copies of their complete proposal on the day of the interview
  10. Holders of Engineering and Mathematics and Natural Sciences diploma and other relevant fields to Civil Engineering and Disaster Risk Reduction
  11. Participate in the Academic Potential Test (TPA), TOEFL, and the interview conducted by PDTS FTSP UII as per the specified schedule.

Application Procedures

  1. The applicants of PDTS FTSP UII should complete the registration process at the PDTS FTSP UII Secretariat
  2. The applicants should pay the application fee, obtain, and complete the required Application Form
  3. The applicants should submit the required documents for application

The applicants should take several admission tests held by PDTS FTSP UII, i.e.: Academic Potential Test (TPA), English Proficiency Test, and Interview. On the day of the interview, the applicants are required to bring and present their Dissertation Proposal before the Board of Examiners.

Cost of Tuition and Fees of Civil Engineering Doctorate Program:

Semester I          : Rp24,000,000
Semester II         : Rp24,000,000
Semester III        : Rp19,000,000
Semester IV       : Rp19,000,000
Semester V         : Rp14,000,000
Semester VI       : Rp14,000,000

Total                      : Rp114,000,000

*) Exclusive of the costs for dissertation, re-enrollment per semester, study period extension, make-up exams, and graduation ceremony.

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Academic Degree
Dr. – Doctor (S3)
Duration of Study
6 semesters (estimated full-time study)
Campus Location
Mohammad Natsir Building
Main Campus
Jl. Kaliurang KM 14.5 Sleman Yogyakarta
National Accreditation:
❯  Baik (BAN-PT)
International Accreditation :
❯  –

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