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Faculty of Business and Economics

As a for m of UII’s commitment to always contribute in increasing the capacity and capability of human resources in the Republic of Indonesia, especially in the field of Master level Accounting, UII established the Master of Accounting Study Program in March 2010 with the Decree of Establishment No. 453/D/T/2009 and the Decree of Operational Permit No. 12472/D/T/K-V/2012. In 2014, the Maksi Study Program of FBE UII accredited B with decree No. SK BAN-PT 177/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/M/VI/2014. Throughout the years, Maksi study program of FBE UII always innovates new learning processes. It can be seen from their 4 (four) majors, i.e. Government Accounting, Sharia Accounting, Forensic Audits, and Taxation (starting in 2016/2017). Right after enrolling in the Maksi program, several extracurricular activities will be available for students to improve various skills starting from the preparation of the program (behavioral modeling for learning), throughout the program (various workshops to improve research and academics capabilities, including soft-skills workshops), and at the end of the program (alumni enhancement for networking).

Maksi Study Program of FBE UII has partnered up with various national and international institutions. In the national level, they have a partnership with a professional institution in the field of Forensic Audits (LSPAF-Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Auditor Forensik or the Forensic Auditor Professional Certification Institute) and have been appointed to manage Tempat Ujian Kompetensi (TUK or the Competency Test Place) for students and practitioners who wish to obtain Certification in the field of Forensic Audit with the degree of C.Fr.A. In 2018. While in the international level, one of the partnerships carried out by Maksi study program of FBE UII is in the form of a double degree program and a Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) program under the auspices of the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. This double degree program has also received permission from DIKTI with decree No. T/937/C.C5/KS.00.02/2019. Maksi Study Program of FBE UII is also active in activities along with various associations focusing on development for academic, research, as well as institutional purposes as an effort to stay up to date.

Graduates of Maksi Study Program of FBE UII are able to pursue carriers in various fields:

  1. Aparat Sipil Negara or State Civil Apparatus (BPK, BPKP, DJP, Pemda)
  2. Teacher/Lecturer
  3. Tax Consultant
  4. Public Accounting Firm
  5. Management/Financial Accountants
  6. Internal Auditor (private)
  7. Entrepreneur

These are a a result of tracer studies over the past few years and good communication network with Alumni via the Alumni Board of MAKSI program of FBE UII, that often holds meetings, at least once every semester.


Maksi Study Program of FBE UII can be attended by bachelors of any background (multi entry), both those who are already working and fresh graduates.

Registration forms are available any time during office hours in the admissions department. The completed registration form shall then be returned to the admissions with the following attachments:

  • Three copies of a legalized bachelor’s diploma
  • One sheet of a legalized bachelor’s transcript
  • Passport photos size 2×3 and 4×4, 4 sheets each
  • A copy of Indonesian ID card
  • A copy of Birth Certificate
  • Pass the TPA Test


Registration Period I: March – June

Registration Period II: September – December

Registration Flow:

  • Get the registration form at the admissions
  • Complete and return the form to the admissions along with the requirements
  • Pay the registration and TPA fee of Rp 750,000.-
  • Take the TPA (Academic Potential Test)

Further information:

Admission of Masters and Doctoral Program of FBE UII

Phone Number: 0274 883525

Mobile Phone Number: 0813 2878 9856

Registration & Test Fee: Rp 750,000.-

Regular Class Tuition Fee:

  1. Registration & Pre-Program: Rp 5,000,000.-
  2. Semester I: Rp 5,000,000.-
  3. Semester II: Rp 7,500,000.-
  4. Semester III: Rp 10,000,000.-
  5. Semester IV: Rp 6,000,000.-

Total Cost: Rp 33,500,000.-


Executive Class Tuition Fee:

  1. Registration & Pre-Program: Rp 5,000,000.-
  2. Semester I: Rp 6,000,000.-
  3. Semester II: Rp 8,500,000.-
  4. Semester III: Rp 11,000,000.-
  5. Semester IV:Rp 6,150,000.-

Total Cost: Rp 36,650,000.-


If in semester 5 and onwards the student has yet to graduate, then at the beginning of each semester he/she is required to pay a re-registration fee of Rp2,500,000.- and a thesis extension fee of Rp2,500,000.-.

  • In terms of global mobility, the Maksi Study Program of FBE UII has a Dual Degree program with the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA), UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. Where UWA is one of theGroup of Eight Universities in Australia and is also in the top 100 best universities in the world.
  • At the University of Technology MARA, short-courses are conducted in the form of a Forensic Audit Summer-Course
  • Company Visits, several generation of MAKSI students also have the opportunity to participate in company visits to global companies around ASEAN countries, such as: Malaysia and Singapore

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Academic Degree
M. Ak. – Master (S2)
Duration of Study
4 Semester (estimated full-time study)
Campus Location
Gedung Ace Partadiredja
Kampus Condongcatur
Ring Road Utara, Condongcatur, Depok
Sleman, Yogyakarta 55283
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❯  Unggul
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