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Master of Chemistry Study Program (PSMK) of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Universitas Islam Indonesia (FMIPA-UII) is a study program established in 2018 based on the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education Number.1142/KPT/1/2018. It is the seventh study program administered under FMIPA UII and the fourth study program administered under the Chemistry Department of FMIPA UII, in addition to  Undergraduate Programs of Statistics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Chemistry Education, as well as Pharmacist Profession, and Diploma 3 in Chemical Analysis.

The background of its establishment is the high market demand for graduates in chemistry with master competencies, such as researchers in private and public research institutes, consultants/experts in various fields of chemistry, lecturers/teachers, and research result based-entrepreneurs (techno/sciencepreneurs). Furthermore, the establishment of PSMK FMIPA UII will upgrade the quality of research results and outputs specifically from Chemistry Department of FMIPA UII and UII in general.

The education in PSMK FMIPA UII is designed to produce graduates in chemistry with an exceptional quality of faith and devotion as the basis for the development of knowledge and researches to address the challenges of change. Global changes in the industrial era of 4.0 will create countless challenges which closely relate to industrial, health, energy, and environmental field. Therefore, PSMK FMIPA UII graduates are shaped to be able to serve major contributions to the global changes for the shake of the universe.


Concentrations of PSMK FMIPA UII are based on the local genius considering the chemical needs nationally and internationally. Here are 3 concentrations available in PSMK FMIPA UII:

  • The Development of Essential Oil and Its Derivative Products

The featured topic as the focus of researches on the development of essential oil includes isolation and synthesis of essential oil derivatives (clove oil, ginger oil, patchouli oil, jasmine oil, etc). The focus of researches are addressed, but not limited to the exploration of potential essential oil materials, the formulation of industrial materials based on essential oil, and the synthesis of essential oil for agricultural, health, medicinal, environmental, and industrial field as well as the development of high tech distillation and extraction technique of essential oil.

  • The Development of Materials for Energy and Environment

Researches on Materials for Energy and Environment focus on the development of materials (natural and synthetic zeolite and clay materials, natural cellulose-based materials, natural starches, agriculture industrial wastes, activated carbon, mineral-based materials, semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, chitin and chitosan-based materials, as well as natural and synthetic polymer materials). Moreover, researches of Electrochemical for Energy and Environment focus on the approach of electrochemical technology for human and environment, including electrochemical application for enzyme-based sensor (electroanalyst), degradation of liquid waste (electrodegradation), water disinfection (electrodisinfection), micro and macro molecules, as well as microporous and mesoporous.

  • The Development of Natural Materials for Health and Food

Featured researches on the Isolation and Synthesis of Non-Essential Oil for Health and Food focus on the development of natural plant and organic synthesis materials-based medicines, food modification and diversification, and the development of natural pesticides.

Our graduates will be able to work in the following career choices:

Master of Chemistry graduates have opportunities to implement the obtained knowledge on chemistry and build their career in research, education, industry, government, consultancy in the field of chemistry and environment as well as entrepreneurship.

The enrollment process for new students of Master of Chemistry is open twice a year in the beginning of each semester (February and August).

    • The first phase ends in February
    • The second phase ends in August

The requirements of enrollment are as follows:

  1. Completing the enrollment form. It can be done online via this link or directly by visiting Secretariat of Master of Chemistry Study Program.
  2. Completing the payment of Enrollment Fee of Rp 300,000. The fee is non-refundable even if the selection process is canceled by the prospective students.
  3. Submitting a copy of the latest diploma (legalized), specifically Diploma of Bachelor in Chemistry, Chemical Education, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Environmental Engineering or other Study Program related to chemistry.
  4. Submitting a copy of academic transcript (legalized).
  5. Submitting a copy of English proficiency certificate (CEPT/ITP/IBT/TOEIC/IELTS) from the official institutions administrating the English proficiency tests.
  6. Submitting a copy of Academic Potential Test (TPA) certificate
  7. Submitting two sheets of 4 x 6 cm sized passport photos.

Tuition fee of Master of Chemistry Study Program of UII:

Tuition Fee (Contribution for Education Development/SPP, Development, and Organization)

1st Semester

2nd Semester 3rd Semester

4th Semester

Rp9,500,000.00 Rp8,500,000.00 Rp8,000,000.00 Rp8,000,000.00

A well established collaboration with a number of overseas universities provides promising opportunities for the students of Master of Chemistry Study Program to undertake Student Mobility programs in the form of Seat-In and Research Collaborations. Those overseas universities are as follows:

  • Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Kansai University, Japan
  • Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia
  • Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Malaysia
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia
  • Princes Songkhla University (PSU), Thailand
  • Curtin University, Australia

Master of Chemistry, Chemistry Department
Universitas Islam Indonesia
Gedung Prof. Dr. H. Zanzawi Soejoeti, M.Sc.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Main Campus Jalan Kaliurang Km. 14.5 Yogyakarta 55584 Postcode 75
Telepon: (0274) 895920 ; 898582 Pesawat 3045
Drs. Allwar, Ph.D : 081392191896
Parinda Iqbal Ramadhansyah: 088225029350
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Disclaimer: This information is valid for the Academic Year of 2022/2023 and is subject to change depending on the policies in Universitas Islam Indonesia

Academic Degree
M. Si. – Master (S2)
Duration of Study
4 Semester (estimated full-time study)
Campus Location
Gedung Prof. Dr. H. Zanzawi Soejoeti, M.Sc.
Main Campus
Jln. Kaliurang km 14.5, Yogyakarta 55584 Mail Box 75
National Accreditation:
International Accreditation :
❯ ASIIN: The Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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