Growth Hub

Growth Hub is an evident implementation of Erasmus+ GITA (Growing Indonesia: a Triangular Approach) grant received by UII. Growth Hub is managed by the Directorate of Coaching and Development of Entrepreneurship. This program is conducted as part of UII’s commitment together with other partner universities in Indonesia and Europe to create a synergistic development of domestic entrepreneurship capacity.
The Directorate of Coaching and Development of Entrepreneurship/Growth Hub designed a co-growing space to connect talents and business ideas for mutual growth. UII Growth Hub also develops entrepreneurship learning and practice for students through IBISMA (Joint Incubator for Business and Innovation). Furthermore, UII Growth Hub connects human resources, facilities and infrastructures, and other intellectual products owned by UII and IPTEKS (science, technology, and art) resources owned by industrial circles (private parties, government, community, and alumni).

For more information, please visit UII Growth Hub website via the following link.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

IBISMA: Joint Incubator for Business & Innovation

Joint Incubator for Business & Innovation is a special division established to promote utilization of university research products by which universities are expected to be capable of solving national challenges through innovation. To drive innovations, IBISMA sets up numerous innovation-related activities, such as the entrepreneurship development program, and fosters an innovation ecosystem implemented through different functions in the organization of IBISMA.

Officially established in December 2014 based on Decision Letter of the Rector of UII No. 1321.A/SK- Rek/DOSDM/IV/2014, IBISMA operates under the coordination of the Vice Rector for Networking & Entrepreneurship (WR-4), the Directorate of Coaching & Development of Entrepreneurship (DPPK) entrusted with the management of programs of coaching and development of entrepreneurship across UII environment.

IBISMA aims to facilitate entrepreneurial coaching programs at UII to generate young entrepreneurs with excellence in business innovation, independence, professionalism, and capability for significant contribution to Indonesia’s economic development.

Products of Business Incubation

Professional Certification Office

Professional Certification Office (LSP) is managed by the Division of Advanced Learning/LSP under the Directorate of Coaching and Development of Entrepreneurship (Growth Hub). Striving for quality and customer satisfaction, they provide competence certification service assurance while ensuring that it runs in an honest, timely, proper, accurate, and effective manner. They also drive the availability of competent, professional, and competitive manpower. Through Growth Hub, LSP at Universitas Islam Indonesia has been actively participating in the effort to develop a standard of competence in accordance with the growing needs of many industries.

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