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A collection of associate degree students from the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) once again received a number of victories in an international competition. At International Invention, Innovation and Design Competition (INDES) in Casuarina Hotel Ipoh Malaysia, Thursday (19/8), these teams brought home 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals from several categories: Social Science and Entrepreneurship, Green and Sustainability, Design and Creativity, Science Engineering and Technology dan Education.

INDES, an event organized for the eighth time by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Malaysia, brought up a theme “Reinventing the Fundamentals” with the aim of presenting the output of development, innovation and designs of researchers from around the world. Besides that, the objective of this competition is also to support quality and valuable products and design prototypes, to stimulate and develop innovative research that creates new products and prototypes.

INDES itself is attended by more than 200 participants from many countries. It encompasses participants of various backgrounds like practitioners, academias, students and general publics from Malaysia as the host country, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and many other countries. 

Some of these associate degree students from the Faculty of Economics are also in collaboration with students from other departments at UII like associate degree student of Analytical Chemistry, as well as students from the department of Management at the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Islamic Studies, and also Industrial Engineering.  “It is done so to add more value of the products we bring in the competition” the head of departments of associate degree programs in the Faculty of Economics UII explained. 

The four teams that collect gold medals in this competitions are: Noni Ice Cream, Rendang Pakis, Niacrass Bag: Bag from Water Hyacinth Fiber, and Ethnic Striated Woven Fabric. While other products that also contribute more medals are: Orange Skin Tea “Ayu Jelita”, Akulin (Durian Crust Oil), Multifunctional Batik Cutting Board, Herlina Tea (Herbal Tea from Pineapple Skin Waste).

Other products that also received medals are EVENT EASY (E-asy): Application for Event Integration Development in Yogyakarta Based on Industrial Revolution 4.0, Pelpi Bag (A Bag Made of Banana’s Midrib), Klik Merapi: Application of Local Tourism Development Based on Halal Tourism In the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, Rambutan Skin Tea and Bhacakekok.

On a separate occasion, Dra. Srimulyati, MM. (Head of Associate Degree Program of Management ), Dra. Marfuah, M. Si., Ak. (Head of Associate Degree Program of Accounting) and Dra. Diana Wijayanti, M.Si (Head of Associate Degree Program of Banking and Finance) expressed their support and motivation for associate degree students of the Faculty of Economics to continue their participation in similar events to expand their global outreach, improve self-competence and increase their bargaining power that eventually leads to a positive image of the department.

Foreign partnership is one of the most vital conduits for the internationalization of higher education institution. Such partnership is pivotal to open various research collaboration opportunities, community development, as well as mobility program for students, staff and lecturers. 

This statement is delivered by Deputy Rector of Networking and Entrepreneurship of Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), Ir. Wiryono Raharjo, M.Arch., Ph.D., in 31st Annual Exhibition and Conference of European Association of International Education (EAIE), in Helsinki, Finland, Thursday (26/9).

In this occasion, UII participated by opening a stand in the exhibition where more than 240 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa and America represented their respective institutions, including universities, government agencies and higher education service providers. 

Wiryono added that UII’s participation in EAIE Exhibition serves as an opportunity to increase higher education partnership network with EAIE members, especially for Indonesian higher education institutions. 

“Such event becomes the implementation of ‘extending network.’ Through this exhibition, we are able to meet directly with leaders of reputable universities, so that policies can be directly formulated and articulated,” Wiryono stated. 

During the exhibition, UII has discussed intensively with a number of new potential partner candidate, such as The University of Oulu (Finland), Beijing Jiaotong University (People’s Republic of China), Tomsk State University (Russia), Université de Lille (France), and SOAS University of London (United Kingdom). These discussions revolved around the initiation of student mobility activities including student exchange and double degree program. 

In the same occasion, UII has also managed to maintain close relations with partner institutions that have already established active cooperation with UII. “We want to expand the sectors of our robust cooperation that we have developed dan realize it with our partner,” Wiryono added. These partners are The University of Western Australia (Australia), Saxion University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), dan Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University (Turkey).

“Aside from those advantages, this exhibition will eventually become a means of measuring our capacity as a university, with whom we collaborate and how we choose our partner,” as Wiryono explained at the end of the exhibition.

As a reputable foreign language teaching institution, Cilacs UII has once again earned an acknowledgement. At IELTS Partner Annual Gathering 2019 held by British Council (BC), Cilacs UII received a Certificate of Appreciation for achieving significant number of IELTS test-takers from 2018 to 2019. This event took place on Friday (20/9) at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. In addition to the award, British Council also delivered the most recent news on education in the United Kingdom in this ceremony. 

Representing Cilacs UII is Suprihatin as the Head of Academic Department who received the Bronze Certificate award from British Council. It is widely known that Cilacs UII has become one of British Council’s official partners in Indonesia, specifically as Official IELTS Registration Center. 

The event was commenced as Mr. Paul Smith, the Director of British Council Indonesia, addressed an opening speech. He expressed his gratitude for the support from partners all over Indonesia that has promoted and become British Council’s agent in conducting IELTS tests. 

British Council (BC) is a UK-based international organization that promotes cultural relations and provides information for education opportunity. IELTS Partner Annual Gathering 2019 is BC’s yearly agenda that aims at appreciating partner’s cooperation from the entire country. 

Also attending the event is Mr. Kishore Roy, the Regional Exams Manager South East Asia 2 and also Farida Limbong, Senior Examination Business Development Manager. They both expressed their highest appreciation for the support of partners all over Indonesia for the performance of IELTS tests in 2019. In the near future, considering the current profile of IELTS test-takers in Indonesia, the implementation of IELTS’s Computer Delivered Test will become a priority program for British Council. (Ank/Tin)

A tremendous achievement is sculpted by Miracle Voice, Universitas Islam Indonesia’s Team of Student Choir (or commonly known as PSM MV UII). PSM MV UII has brought home Golden Award and Silver Award at 6th Singapore International Choral Festival held in Singapore from 1st to 4th August 2019.

Fakhriyah Fatin, the head of PSM MV UII explains “In total, there are 80 contestants participated in the competitions. But for categories we competed in, Mixed Voices and Folklore, there are 6 and 19 contestants, respectively.”

She further confirms that PSM MV UII Team won Gold Award in Folklore Category and Silver Gold in Mixed Voices or B2 Category. “Alhamdulillah we can win these two awards.”

The team’s main motivation is to increase their experience in international competitions. Furthermore, PSM MV UII also aspires to make UII proud globally.

“The preparation for this competition has started in February and we set up a committee to handle every single need we have such as funding and costumes. And then we opened an internal recruitment for team members who will be involved in the competitions. After that they will be tested by our coach and they must pass through the interview process,” she said. 

Those who passed the test must undergo training from the beginning to study all the songs and choreography. Also, they must perform their duty in the committee such as funding and sponsorship.

One of the obstacles that Fakhriyah and her team faced is that every competition has its own requirements and criteria. “Because each competition has its own distinct assessment criteria, that becomes a challenge. We must train harder and fervently,” she further asserts.

Fakhriyah elaborates that her tips and tricks in participating in any competition is to face all the things she encounters. “Just go with what you have, whether it is difficult or not, we must struggle for it to run well.”

“The hope is that in the future, we can improve our quality as well as take part in other competitions nationally or internationally, and we can bring more victories.” (DRD/ESP)