Simpul Tumbuh

Simpul Tumbuh atau Growth Hub merupakan wujud nyata dari implementasi hibah Erasmus+ GITA (Growing Indonesia: a Triangular Approach) yang didapatkan oleh UII. Pengelolaan Simpul Tumbuh dilaksanakan oleh Direktorat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Kewirausahaan. Program ini dilaksanakan sebagai bagian dari komitmen UII bersama mitra perguruan tinggi di Indonesia dan Eropa untuk mewujudkan sinergi pengembangan kewirausahaan dalam semangat “Toward Entrepreneurial University”.

Simpul Tumbuh, The Growth Hub

UII has integrated the Growth Hub into its formal organizational structure since August 2018. The unit is called “Simpul Tumbuh” (an Indonesian poetic translation of “Growth Hub”) under the management of Directorate of Entrepreneurial Development. This unit is now responsible for managing the entrepreneurial network of Universitas Islam Indonesia. Currently Simpul Tumbuh is reviewing the existing network plan to be integrated with the ongoing activities of IBISMA (Inkubasi Bisnis dan Inovasi Bersama – Collective Innovation and Business Incubation Unit), which is a division within the Simpul Tumbuh that mostly focuses its activities on managing the business start up.

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Student Entrepreneurial Capacity

Universitas Islam Indonesia is in the process of consolidating the entities within the organisation responsible for developing ELO in the curricula. The only subject that offers entrepreneurial knowledge is called “Entrepreneurship”, weighed only 2 credits, mandatory to all UII students but it does not offer practical aspect of entrepreneurship. Therefore, we will need to enhance it and combine it with other scattered entrepreneurial trainings to develop a more holistic and robust system. IBISMA, a division within the Growth Hub mostly focuses on managing the business start ups.

In general, there are three directions of entrepreneurial integration within those curricula:
(1) Maintaining and developing the existing ELO on “Sharia Entrepreneurship”;
(2) Mapping and developing (or creating) the “department-specific” ELO;
(3) Transforming the existing IBISMA’s training into an elective subject offered university-wide.

HEI Enterprise Cooperation

We see the existing enterprises network built by IBISMA as potential partners to join the GITA learning network. Therefore, we will map those enterprises to see their eligibility in joining our learning network. The prospective enterprises consist of two types: (1) IBISMA coached enterprises; (2) Enterprises within UII such as internet service provider, canteens, UNISI transport, etc. In addition to these entities, we will look at the existing partners outside those two to be invited to join as well.

Developing The HEI Enterprise Cooperation Activities

During the past four months of UII’s Growth Hub (UGH) soft operation, there are three events conducted by UGH took place at UII main campus, i.e. Women and Innovation, Success in Business while Studying, and Workshop on Digitalization of Small Business. These events were conducted in collaboration with UII partners, including the Yogyakarta Chapter of ICSB (International Council of Small Businesses).

The Growth Hub and GITA Learning Network Structure

The Erasmus+ GITA has led to the decision of UII top management (the Board of Waqf Foundation) to integrate the Growth Hub concept in the formal structure of the university, with the Indonesian name “Simpul Tumbuh”. The decision was made based on the fact that GITA’s concept complements to the entrepreneurial development within UII. The Growth Hub has been operating, the soft opening of Growth Hub Building took place on 10 December 2018.

Simpul Tumbuh – Organizational Structure

Business Start Up