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FK UII Hosts Spiritual Motivation Training for New Doctors E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ImageOn Tuesday (3/20), Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia (FK-UII) hosted  Spiritual Motivation Training which involves 73 medical students including 26 male and 47 female who have passed the Indonesian Doctor competency examination (UKDI). Located at PPPTK Matematika, Yogyakarta, this event was officially opened by Dean of Faculty Medicine, Isnatin Miladiyah, MKes. accompanied by dr. Zuchairi Dahlan Sp.P.

dr. Zuchairi Dahlan Sp.P in this occasion mentioned that this program was the last series of assessment program to evaluate medical students who will take medical oath on next Thursday (3/22).

ImageBesides, FK Dean, dr. Isnatin Miladiah, Mkes., in her opening remarks, offered hearty congratulation to the students graduating with their UKDI assessment. “Hopefully, this good achievement can motivate us to always be grateful and to make serious effort in improving self-competence.” She uttered.

Still according to her, in this period, there was an increasing number of graduate students within Faculty of Medicine in UII. “On January 2012, about 140 medical students graduated, and there are 102 medical students who will graduate in March.” She mentioned. In addition, her side also expected that this, faculty of medicine would get best accreditation. “Currently, faculty of medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia was trusted by society as the reputable medical school nurturing health professional. We hope this attainment becoming stimulus to make our faculty better.” She added.

“Representing faculty’s leader, I extend my gratitude to all of students for always performing good manner and maintaining university’s good name while studying at UII. I also ask to all of students to implement and to broaden their medical knowledge and clinical skills. As a doctor, we have to perform good medical practice by obeying code of medical ethic and avoiding medical malpractice.” Isnatin emphasized.

ImageMeanwhile, in this event, UII Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Edy Suandi Hamid, MEc., was given opportunity to deliver his presentation entitled ‘Profesionalisme, Semangat Enterpreneur, dan Kepemimpinan’ (Professionalism, Entrepreneur Spirit, and Leadership). In his speech, he mentioned that it was essential to become the professional doctor due to the very tight competition in this globalization era. This phenomenon was marked by the increasing number of doctors in both Indonesia and abroad, and the raising client awareness. “For this reason, I urge to all of medical graduates to become professional doctors who has good competence mastering and practicing science and Islamic values.” He uttered.

Prof Edy said further doctors have responsibility to perform job professionally according to the rules. Besides, he also encouraged the new doctors to develop their entrepreneurship spirit. “The professional doctors have to maintain a good communication, and alike entrepreneur, they must dare to take the risk and uphold the rules that have been outlined in code of medical ethic.” Prof Edy stressed out.

In the end of his speech, Prof Dr Edy Suandi Hamid, MEc, delivered his message to all of participant to always maintain code of medical ethic and preserve alma mater’s good name.


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